Ancient Greek

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Ancient Greek
Release date: May 2019
Season: N/A
Available from: MarketPlace

Ancient Greek was the campaign that ran throughout May of 2019. The campaign was themed around revisiting the previous Greek Furniture Lines Santorini and Greek

There was a small range of new furniture released into the catalogue, there were also Ancient Greek Booster Boxes with the chance of receiving the Deluxe Athenian Harp. Seven New Rares were released along with two new Room Bundles.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Bronze Warrior Statue
Ancient Greek Stool
Ancient Greek Table
Ancient Greek Wall

Booster Boxes

Booster Boxes were a new type of crackable furni first released during this campaign. There was a choice of two boxes, and each one included 6 items. The draw-card of these boxes was that there was a chance of receiving a Deluxe Athenian Harp instead of a regular Athenian Harp.

Due to laws banning loot boxes, the Booster Box was not sold in or Instead the Deluxe Athenian Harp was released in these Hotels as a Limited Edition Rare.

Name Image
Ancient Greek Booster Box
Ancient Greek Booster Box
Deluxe Athenian Harp
Ancient Greek Vase
Ancient Greek Vase
Ancient Greek Scrolls
Ancient Greek Scrolls
Ancient Greek Shield
Ancient Greek Shield
Bowl of Fruit
Pythagorean Cup
Athenian Harp


Name Image Badge
Medusa Hair
Luxury Tiled Bath
Minotaur Horns
Senator's Bed
Comic Mask
Tragedy Mask
Ancient Greek Chariot

Room Bundles

There were three new bundles released during the campaign:

Two older bundles were also re-released during the campaign: