Hell in Habbo

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Hell in Habbo
Release date: October 2022
Season: Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally) Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Back to School Again
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Japanese Onsen

The Hell in Habbo campaign is the 2022 Halloween ran by Habbo throughout the month of October of that year[1]. The campaign saw the release of a new furniture line, crackables, rares and a new Limited Edition rare.


Catalogue Furniture

Along with the launch of this campaign, a new furniture line was launched within the catalogue and was advertised as the Fallen Angels line.

Name Image Name Image
Gothic Statue Vampire Chalice
Book of the Dead Gothic Family Portrait
Gothic Mirror Gothic Bed
Lucifer Statue Gothic Arch Pillar
Undead Cuisine Gothic Rose Rug
Gothic Tea Set Black Marble Floor
Pit of Souls Undead Hand
Gothic Banner Gothic Drapes
Gothic Stairs Gothic Stone Block
Gothic Stained Glass Windows Occult Teleport


A series of crackables were released during this campaign; the Fallen Angel Statue was the only one of these to be launched directly into the catalogue. When using the Torch effect, users could open the crackable and would receive either a Fallen Angel or a Fallen Archangel.

Fallen Angel Statue
Name Image Probability
Fallen Angel 95%
Fallen Archangel 5%

If players received the Fallen Angel, they could then continuously use the item until they received a combination of three ingredients that could later be used in the crafting system that was released alongside the campaign.

Fallen Angel
Name Image Probability
Occult Candles (x3) (x3) 8.33%
Rose Skull (x3) (x3) 8.33%
Dark Feathers (x3) (x3) 8.33%
Gothic Skull (x3) (x3) 8.33%
Occult Candles (x2) + Rose Skull (x1) (x2) + (x1) 8.33%
Rose Skull (x2) + Dark Feathers (x1) (x2) + (x1) 8.33%
Dark Feathers (x2) + Gothic Skull (x1) (x2) + (x1) 8.33%
Gothic Skull (x2) + Occult Candles (x1) (x2) + (x1) 8.33%
Occult Candles (x1) + Rose Skull (x1) + Dark Feathers (x1) (x1) + (x1) + (x1) 8.33%
Rose Skull (x1) + Dark Feathers (x1) + Gothic Skull (x1) (x1) + (x1) + (x1) 8.33%
Dark Feathers (x1) + Gothic Skull (x1) + Occult Candles (x1) (x1) + (x1) + (x1) 8.33%
Gothic Skull (x1) + Occult Candles (x1) + Rose Skull (x1) (x1) + (x1) + (x1) 8.33%

If players cracked the Fallen Angel Statue and received a Fallen Archangel, they would need to equip the Pirate Sword effect to open the crackable. From this, users would receive one of four clothing items.

Fallen Archangel
Name Image Probability
Gothic Coat 25%
Gothic Rose Hat 25%
Gothic Rose Horns 25%
Victorian Gothic Dress 25%


A new crafting system was also released with this campaign, which saw players using the Occult Table to create different items.

Name Image
Occult Table

Players could use items achieved from the campaign's Fallen Angel crackable to create gothic furniture. The Vampire Vial, achievable through in-client events, could then also be used to create bloodied versions of these furniture items.

Ingredients Product
Name Images Name Image
Rose Skull + Dark Feathers (x2) (x1) + (x2) Gothic Chair
Gothic Skull (x2) + Occult Candles + Dark Feathers (x2) + (x1) + (x1) Gothic Table
Gothic Skull + Rose Skull (x2) + Occult Candles + Dark Feathers (x1) + (x2) + (x1) + (x1) Gothic Sofa
Occult Candles (x3) + Rose Skull (x3) (x3) + (x3) Gothic Lamp
Gothic Skull (x3) + Dark Feathers (x2) + Occult Candles (x3) + (x2) + (x1) Gothic Bookshelf
Gothic Chair + Vampire Vial + Rose Skull + Dark Feathers (x1) + (x1) + (x1) + (x1) Bloodied Gothic Chair
Gothic Table + Vampire Vial + Dark Feathers + Gothic Skull (x2) (x1) + (x1) + (x1) + (x2) Bloodied Gothic Table
Gothic Sofa + Vampire Vial + Rose Skull (x2) + Dark Feathers (x1) + (x1) + (x2) + (x1) Bloodied Gothic Sofa
Gothic Lamp + Vampire Vial + Occult Candles (x4) (x1) + (x1) + (x4) Bloodied Gothic Lamp
Gothic Bookshelf + Vampire Vial (x2) + Gothic Skull (x2) + Rose Skull + Dark Feathers (x1) + (x2) + (x2) + (x1) + (x1) Bloodied Gothic Bookshelf


Four new rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Corrupted Wings
Winged Headpiece
Lucifer's Hellhound
Vampire Coffin

Limited Edition Rare

A new Limited Edition rare was also released during this campaign; titled the Throne of the Fallen.

Name Image Badge
Throne of the Fallen

Room Bundles

The following new room bundle was released during this campaign.

Meanwhile, the following bundles were re-released.

Habboween Gift Calendar

With the launch of this campaign came a new Habboween gift calendar. Users who logged on each day would receive a free gift; this being either an item of previously released furniture, Builders Club, Habbo Club, Credits or Duckets.