Habbo Pride Festival

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Habbo Pride Festival
Release date: July 2021
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Tropical Thailand
Next Campaign:
Vaporwave Vibes

Habbo Pride Festival is the campaign that ran throughout July 2021[1]. While Pride annually takes place in June, Habbo announced that in 2021 the Pride campaign would be launched in July.

The campaign saw the release of a new miniature furniture line, along with four new rares, clothing items, crackables and new room bundles.


Catalogue Furniture

Five new furniture items were released in line with this campaign, however they were only available through crackable items.

Name Image
Pride Flags Rainbow c21 prideflags.png
Festival Balloon Arch Rainbow c21 balloonarch.png
Rainbow Tinsel Rainbow c21 bunting.png
Rainbow Heart Light Rainbow c21 lightbulbheart.png
Path of Pride Rainbow c21 rainbowroad.png


Four new clothing items were released for this campaign, one of these being a hairstyle. Along with the campaign's furniture, these were only available from crackable items.

Name Image
Rainbow Undercut Clothing rainbowundercut.png
Pride Stripe Hoodie Clothing pridehoodie.png
Winged Harness Clothing rainbowwings.png
Cape of Pride Clothing pridecape.png


Two new crackable items were released during this campaign for alternating 24 hour windows, each containing different items.

One of these was the Foil Goodie Bag which contains classic Pride items from the 2019 campaign, as well as the Pride Goodie Bag.

Rainbow c21 crackable1.png
Name Image Probability
Classic Pride Furni Pride Flag Dispenser.pngRainbow Bed.pngRainbow Rug.pngRainbow Ceiling Light.pngRainbow Stool.pngRainbow Table.png 95%
Pride Goodie Bag Rainbow c21 crackable2.png 5%

The Pride Goodie Bag was also released, containing items from the 2021 campaign line. Each goodie bag was guaranteed to contain the furniture item "Pride Flags", with 100% probability, along with another furniture or clothing item from the line.

Rainbow c21 crackable2.png
Name Image Probability
Pride Flags Rainbow c21 prideflags.png 100%
Pride Festival Furni Rainbow c21 balloonarch.pngRainbow c21 bunting.pngRainbow c21 lightbulbheart.pngRainbow c21 rainbowroad.png 90%
Pride Festival Clothing Clothing rainbowundercut.pngClothing pridehoodie.pngClothing rainbowwings.pngClothing pridecape.png 10%


Four new rare items were released alongside this campaign, three of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Teased Hair Clothing r21 beachywaves.png PRF10.png
Holographic Suit Jacket Clothing r21 holojacket.png PRF11.png
Waterfall Wall Garden r21 plantwall.png PRF12.png
Kimono by -Push, Clothing r21 kimono3.png PRF15.png
Classy Rose Bench Garden r21 rosebench.png PRF13.png

Limited Edition Rare

A new limited edition rare was released during this campaign: the Rainbow Boa.

Name Image Badge
Rainbow Boa Rainbow ltd21 rainbowboa.png PRF14.png

Room Bundles

The following three bundles were newly released during this campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


UEFA Euro 2020

While the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship took place across the end of June and beginning of July 2021, for each match players were able to vote on who they thought would win. For each vote they cast and each result they correctly guessed, users would receive a badge.

Badge Name Badge Name
ERC06.png Eurocup 2020 - Match 02-07 ERC07.png Eurocup 2020 - Match 02-07
ERC08.png Eurocup 2020 - Match 03-07 ERC09.png Eurocup 2020 - Match 03-07
ERC02.png Eurocup 2020 ERC01.png Eurocup 2020
ERC10.png Eurocup 2020 - Match 06-07 ERC11.png Eurocup 2020 - Match 06-07
ERC12.png Eurocup 2020 - Match 07-07 ERC13.png Eurocup 2020 - Match 07-07
ERC03.png Eurocup 2020 ERC04.png Eurocup 2020
ERC14.png Eurocup 2020 Final ERC15.png Eurocup 2020 Final

[BaW] Galaxy Police Adventures

At the beginning of the month, a new Builders at Work event was launched in the hotel[2]. Over the course of several rooms, players had to complete games with the aim of saving aliens and protecting planets. All players who successfully completed the entire event received four badges.

Badge Name
US201.png [BaW] Galaxy Police ID
US200.png [BaW] I stopped the Stonehenge Invaders!
US202.png [BaW] I helped stop an Alien Invasion!
US199.png [BaW] I completed the Galaxy Police event!

Canada Day 2021

A one-off event in the form of a snake maze was introduced to the client to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st[3]. All users who successfully completed the maze received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
PT846.png Happy Canada Day 2021!

Happy 4th July!

Another new maze event was launched into the hotel to celebrate US Independence Day on July 4th.[4]. Two badges were available for players who completed the event.

Badge Name
PT194.png Happy 4th of July!
ES954.png Empire State Of Mind

Pride Festival

During this campaign, an event centred around celebrating Pride with a festival was launched into the hotel. It consisted of a game in which players had to create the Pride flag and then answer a series of questions relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

Badge Name
PRF16.png Love Stronger - Happy Pride Festival!

[BaW] Explorer

Another Builders at Work event was launched mid-July which focused on nature and the environment [5]. There were several rooms included in the event, each focusing on a different area of the world. All players who completed all rooms received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
US205.png [BaW] Explorer

[BaW] Gamer Adventure

At the very end of the month a third Builders at Work event was launched [6]. This event centred around classic games Sonic the Hedgehog, Spyro and Donkey Kong. There was a separate event for each game, each with two levels. For each mini-event completed, users received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
US207.png [BaW] Master of the rings!
US206.png [BaW] Barrels of fun!
US208.png [BaW] Flying without wings!