March 2022

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March 2022
Release date: March 2022
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
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Van Life
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March 2022 is the Habbo campaign that ran throughout March of 2022.[1]. The campaign came with re-released collectible items, including the diamond gift box 2.0, new rares, new credit furni and new/re-released bundles.



Eight collectible cyberpunk themed clothing items were re-released over the month; each one including a badge with the purchase. The cyberpunk items that were re-released were all released during the Neo-Habbo Revisited campaign.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Cyberpunk Visor Clothing cyhelmet.png 7 March RVR15.png
Cyberpunk Battle Armour Clothing cychest.png 7 March RVR22.png
Loc Buns Clothing cybuns.png 14 March RVR17.png
Cyberpunk Striders Clothing cylegs.png 14 March CBP19.png
Cyberpunk Sneakers Clothing cytrainers.png 21 March RVR16.png
Gas Mask Clothing cygasmask.png 21 March RVR18.png
Cyberpunk Holo Lens Clothing cyeyepiece.png - RVR21.png
Cyberpunk Fins Clothing cyfins.png - RVR20.png

Each user who collected all the collectibles also received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 105 users have this badge.


Four new rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
May Queen Crown Clothing r22 bigflowercrown.png RVR12.png
Tiered Royal Fountain Rare r22 fancyfountain.png RVR13.png
Bouquet Dress Clothing r22 bouquetdress.png RVR11.png
Topiary Animals Rare r22 topiaryanimals1.png RVR14.png

Limited Edition Rare

A new Limited Edition rare was released during campaign; this was the Rainbow Elephant Statue, the fourth rainbow recoloured rare.

Name Image Badge
Rainbow Elephant Statue Rainbow ltd22 elephant statue.png RVR39.png


The Diamond Gift Box was re-released again during this campaign.

Diamond Gift Box 2.0
Diamond c21 giftbox.png
Name Image Probability
Diamond Fish Hat Diamond Fish Hat.png 1%
Diamond Noble Crown Diamond Noble Crown.png 2%
Diamond Leaf Crown Diamond Leaf Crown.png 5%
Diamond Hermes Hat Clothing diahermeshat.png 1%
Diamond Elegant Crown Clothing diaelegantcrown.png 2%
Diamond Tiara Clothing diaicetiara.png 5%
Grand Ay Tail Clothing grandetail.png 7%
Chest Bag Chest Bag.png 7.5%
Pleather Trousers Pleather Trousers.png 7.5%
Denim Shorts Denim Shorts.png 7.5%
Colour-Block Trainers Colour-Block Trainers.png 7.5%
Antique Carpet Attic15 carpet.png 9%
Basement Band Drum Kit Band c19 drums.png 9%
Power Shower Bling shwr.png 9%
Bronze-Plated Log Burner Hygge c18 stove.png 9%
Tokyo Magazine Rack Tokyo c18 magazinerack.png 9%
Desk Phone Exe c15 telephone.png 10%

Credit Furniture

A new item of credit furniture was also released during this campaign, it was worth a total of 350 Credits.

Name Image
Prime Geode CF 350 geode.png

Room Bundles

Three new room bundle was released during the campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


[BaW] Lord of the Coins

A new Builders at Work game was released during this campaign titled "Lord of the Coins"[2]. This centred around players beginning a journey by entering the Shire and collecting two new badges by completing all included games.

Badge Name
US264.png [BaW] Mordor
US266.png [BaW] Enter the Hobbits!
US263.png [BaW] My Precious
US265.png [BaW] Minis Tirith

Artists at Work

A new competition was launched during this campaign to create a team of pixel artists that would be known as the Artists At Work, similar to the team of Builders at Work[3]. The successful team would be responsible for creating new graphic content for Habbo. Responsibilies would include collaborating with staff to create new badges and creating graphics to support any official events.

Active members of the team would receive an exclusive badge and subscriptions to both Habbo Club and Builders Club for the duration of their collaboration. The artists' time as within the team would last for six months, however, if deemed necessary by staff, could be altered.

The competition asked participants to create a promotional poster for their favourite carnival, along with a badge to match. These had to be made in pixel art form.

All valid entries to the competition would receive an exclusive badge and an Obsidian Anteater.

Name Image
Obsidian Anteater Rare prize22 2.png

The winner of the competition was announced as Jeca-Tatu, who based their entry on Italy's Carnival of Ivrea[4].

Badge Name
RVR31.png For participating in the Pixel Artist competition
AAW01.png Active Pixel Artist

Earth Hour 2022

To celebrate the annual event that is Earth Hour, a series of six games were released in-client to highlight the impact of climate change on the Earth[5]. With each game completed and environment explored, a new badge could be earned.

Badge Name
RVR32.png Earth Hour 2022
RVR36.png Earth Hour 2022 - Safe and sound from the Amazon rainforest!
RVR38.png Earth Hour 2022 - Wildlife rescue
RVR37.png Earth Hour 2022 - Lights out in Paris!
RVR34.png Earth Hour 2022 - Floating village of Asia
RVR35.png Earth Hour 2022 - Planted a tree in Africa!
RVR33.png Earth Hour 2022 - Antarctica Expedition

Teletubbies Day

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the children's TV show Teletubbies, a new line of Teletubbies-themed furniture was released[6].

Name Image
Laa-Laa Plushie Ads teletubbies plushie3.png
Tinky Winky Plushie Ads teletubbies plushie1.png
Dipsy Plushie Ads teletubbies plushie2.png
Po Plushie Ads teletubbies plushie4.png
Laa-Laa Bean Bag Ads teletubbies beanbag3.png
Po Bean Bag Ads teletubbies beanbag4.png
Dipsy Bean Bag Ads teletubbies beanbag2.png
Tinky Winky Bean Bag Ads teletubbies beanbag1.png
Laa-Laa Headband Clothing headband laalaa.png
Dipsy Headband Clothing headband dipsy.png
Po Headband Clothing headband po.png
Tinky Winky Headband Clothing headband tinkywinky.png
Dipsy Hat Clothing dipsyhat.png

TLB02.png Each user who purchased an item from the Teletubbies Day line received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 2558 users have this badge.