Valentines 2021

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Valentines Day 2021
Release date: February 2021
Season: Valentines
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
New Year 2021
Next Campaign:
March 2021

Valentines 2021 was the Valentines campaign that ran throughout February 2021[1]. Whilst there was no full furniture range released with this campaign, five new items were released to celebrate Chinese New Year (the Year of the Ox), and the new Romantic Florist Bundle contained some new bundle-exclusive items.

During this campaign, Habbo made previously released Valentines furniture lines available in the Catalogue and Builders Club for a set period of time. Along with the release of the new Romantic Florist bundle, six older bundles were re-released, four of which included a new exclusive items.


Catalogue Furniture

Main article: Chinese New Year

Each year Habbo releases new items in the catalogue to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In 2021, the Year of the Ox, one new outfit, comprising of three separate accessories, and four new furniture items were released.

Name Image
Ox Accessories
Traditional Gong
Basket of Oranges
Fine Oriental Vase
Golden Ox Statue


The Valentine's Deal was offered for two days at the start of the month. Users who bought the deal received bronze coins, Habbo Club, a badge, a couple of furniture items from the Ancient Japan range, and the new Ice Cream Narwhal which was exclusive to the deal.

Name Image
Ice Cream Narwal

There were two different deals available, either one was offered to players seemingly based on their past spending habits.

Deal 1 Deal 2
Cost £10.98 Cost £17.99
1 Month of Habbo Club 3 Months of Habbo Club
Bronze Coin (x80) Bronze Coin (x90)
Ice Cream Narwal Ice Cream Narwal (x3)
Japanese Gazebo Japanese Gazebo
Floating Water Lilies Floating Water Lilies
Regal Swan

Everyone who purchased either of these deals received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 73 users have this badge.


Four new rares were released throughout this campaign, two of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Romantic Corset
Spring Fever Waves
Ornate Wire Grandfather Clock
Chilly Bunny

A new piece of Limited Edition Credit Furni was also released during this campaign; the Mother of Pearl.

Name Image
Mother of Pearl

Room Bundles

One new room bundle was released during this campaign.

Six previously released room bundles were re-released during this campaign with new badges for each.

While the Romantic Florist Bundle entirely consisted of exclusive items, the re-releases of bundles included the following exclusive items.

Name Image Bundle
Pastel Accessory Kit Pastel Bundle
Star Lounge Neon Lights Classic Star Lounge Bundle
Celestial Constellation Lamp Celestial Bundle
Sunlight City Beehive Sunlight City Bundle


Gift Calendar

Between February 12th and 27th, a new Gift Calendar appeared in-client on the mobile app (and once it was available, the downloadable Flash Client). Players could log in each day and claim one gift - these being a range of furniture items from previous Valentines and Chinese New Year lines given at random.

Underwater Treasure Adventure

At the beginning of February, an official badge event was launched in-client in which players could receive two badges by exploring the underwater-themed rooms.

Badge Name
Treasure map
Found Habbo's Underwater Treasure!

Safer Internet Day 2021

Early in the campaign, a new event could be access through Frank's Lobby that was designed to help celebrate Safer Internet Day. Players had to answer a series of six questions regarding Habbo's Terms and Conditions. If all questions were answered correctly, users would receive an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Habbo's Terms and Conditions Expert! - SID 2021

As well as receiving a badge, players who completed this event would receive an exclusive furniture item.

Name Image
Safer Internet Day Plushie

SID's Help Center

At the same time as the Safer Internet Day 2021 event, another event was launched with the same goal of celebrating Safer Internet Day. In this challenge, players were confronted with a series of scenarios and given two optional responses to help with said scenario. If users selected the correct response to each scenario they would teleport to receive a Tan Capybara.

Name Image
Tan Capybara

Then sitting on the specified seat would lead to the player receiving an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Together for a better internet - SID 2021

Black History Month Looks Competition!

Midway through the month, Habbo launched a competition to help celebrate Black History Month[2]. For the competition, players were asked to dress their avatar as a Black public figure that they find inspiring. Everyone who entered the competition received a Ruby Capybara. 10 runners up received 7 days of Builders Club and the top 5 winners received a Celestial Bundle.

Name Image
Ruby Capybara

The top 5 winners of the competition were as follows[3]:

The runners up were:

The Islander

At the end of the month, a new official badge event was launched on the client, called The Islander. Two badges were available in this event; in order to achieve these players had to complete a series of challenges with the goal of escaping a deserted island.

Badge Name
Mice on board!
The Islander