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Release date: March 2013
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

Steampunk was a range of Furni on Habbo released internationally on the 7th March 2013. It consisted of 22 new items originally then a 23rd, available to buy with Duckets was released too.

The Steampunk range was one of the most spoken about, modern ranges on Habbo after players found that Donnie Santini would make a return to the game; this was also one of the biggest campaigns for Habbo due to a new hotel view, new clothes, quests and competitions being released for it.

The range was available throughout the duration of the quests and until the room building competition ended, they were then removed on the 21st March 2013 - only spending a mere two weeks in the Catalogue; one of the shortest times for many ranges. In addition, some of the furniture available were only allowed to be bought by those who were part of the Habbo Club group and who were subscribers, this meant those without HC would have to buy the items elsewhere.

For the room building competition players had to create Donnie Santini's Steampunk Machine using whichever Furni they wanted but it had to include a Small Cog, Donnie Santini's Helmet and the Steampunk Floor 1 otherwise a player wouldn't be applicable for the competition. The difference with this room building competition was that in order to vote players had to complete all the quests.

The Steampunk furniture made a reappearance in the catalogue in 2018 during the Movie Madness campaign.


2013 Release

Name Image
Donnie Santini's Helmet SteamHelmet.png
Globe SteamGlobe.png
Large Cog SteamLargeCog.png
Small Cog SteamSmallCog.png
Steampunk Arch SteamArch.png
Steampunk Carpet SteamCarpet.png
Steampunk Chair SteamChair.png
Steampunk Chandalier SteamChandalier.png
Steampunk Computer SteamComputer.png
Steampunk Dimmer Switch SteamDimmer.png
Steampunk Floor SteamFloor.png
Steampunk Floor SteamFloor2.png
Steampunk Lamp SteamLamp.png
Steampunk Pillar SteamPillar.png
Steampunk Pillar SteamPillar2.png
Steampunk Sofa SteamSofa.png
Steampunk Table SteamTable.png
Steampunk Table SteamTable2.png
Steampunk Tele SteamTele.png
Steampunk Wall SteamWall.png
Steampunk Wall SteamWall2.png
Steampunk_window name SteamWindow.png
World Map SteamMap.png

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign during 2015, several old furniture lines were revived with new furniture additions. Steampunk was one of these lines.

Name Image
Steampunk Bed
Steampunk Door
Steampunk Stage


Rare Steampunk was a range which provided 3 additional, more expensive items to the original Steampunk range. The Furni had to be purchased with both Credits and Duckets to add to the rarity of the items.

Name Image
Steampunk Gramophone SteamGrammophone.png
Steampunk Zeppelin SteamZepplin.png
Time Machine SteamTimeMachine.png

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