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Mystics Catalogue Heaer.gif
Release date May 2013
Season N/A
Available from: Builders Club

The Mystics campaign ran on Habbo during May 2013, it featured 22 new Furni which were split down two sides - the good and the bad. Along with this, the campaign featured a room building competition whereby players had to decide which side to choose.

If they opted for the good side, they spread life around the hotel whilst if they opted for the bad they allowed the infection to spread as the campaign began by a 'mystic crystal' landing somewhere outside the hotel.

The furni contrasted due to it being the opposite with good and bad, and each side featured 11 different items which were corresponded to by the other side - some items were different though with the good side featuring 'Good Side Blocks' in 2 different forms and the bad side featuring 'Bad Side Spikes,' again in 2 different forms.

This campaign also introduced a now and unique ultra rare, the Mystic Duck.

The Mystics furniture was made available to buy from the shop again in April 2018 during the Movie Madness campaign.


Catalogue Furniture

Good Side Image Bad Side Image
Good Side Arch Good Arch.png Bad Side Arch Bad Arch.png
Good Side Bench Good Bench.png Bad Side Bench Mystics bbench.png
Good Side Sculpture Good Sculpture.png Bad Side Sculpture Mystics bbed.png
Good Side Table Good Table.png Bad Side Table Mystics btable.png
Good Side Floor Tile Good Tile.png Bad Side Floor Tile Bad Tile.png
Good Side Large Floor Tile Good Floor Large.png Bad Side Large Floor Tile Bad Floor Large.png
Good Side Stool Good Stool.png Bad Side Stool Bad Stool.png
Good Side Wall Good Wall.png Bad Side Wall Mystics bwall.png
Good Side Tree Good Tree.png Bad Side Floating Crystal Mystics btile2.png
Good Side Block Good Block.png Bad Side Spike Bad Spike.png
Good Side Block Good Block 2.png Bad Side Spike Bad Spike 2.png


Good Side Throne


The Good Side Throne, called mystics_gthrone name on Habbo was released in the 2013 Mystics campaign on Habbo. Players could buy it on the 18th May and it was only available for 6 hours from 3pm-9pm GMT and it was originally on sale for 50 Credits. The Good Side Throne preceded the Bad Side Throne, another Mystic Rare - this was available to buy on the 19th May for the same amount of time.

Many opinions were voiced about the Good Side Throne, mainly they were aimed at the fact that they floated as opposed to being on the floor like the other Thrones and floor items on Habbo; due to the price players presumed it would flop too whereas it's currently trading at above the original selling price.

As it was released it is classed as a rare for the Habbo market and currently hasn't been released again.

Bad Side Throne


The Bad Side Throne was a Mystic Rare available in the 2013 Mystics campaign on Habbo. Players could buy it on the 19th May and it was only available for 6 hours from 3pm-9pm GMT and it was originally on sale for 50 Credits.

The Bad Side Throne followed on from another Mystic Rare - the Good Side Throne which was available to buy from the Catalogue on the previous day, the 18th May for the same amount of time, but it did better once it left the Catalogue.

Many opinions were voiced about the Bad Side Throne as players didn't agree to spend 50 Credits on an item that would more than likely just flop after it left the Catalogue as the amount of time it was made available for was too much. In addition, players didn't like the appearance of it due to the way it floated instead of being a normal and traditional floor item.

As it was released it is classed as a rare for the Habbo market and currently hasn't been released again.

Limited Edition Rares

Three Limited Edition Rare was sold during the campaign. The Mystic Fountain was released on May 24. There were 180 units available for 350 Credits each which all sold. The Holo Nelly was released on May 25. There were 120 units available for 500 Credits each which all sold. The Mystic Pillar was released on May 26. There were 300 units available for 200 Credits each, 142 of which sold.

Name Image
Mystic Fountain Mystics rfountain-1 center.png
Holo Nelly Holo nelly-1 center.png
Mystic Pillar Mystics rpillar-1 center.png
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