Frightful Furni

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Frightful Furni
Release date: October 2013
Season: Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)

Frightful Furni was a furniture line released in October 2013 as part of the Halloween campaign for that year. The campaign brought thirty-one new pieces of furniture to the hotel, along with four Rares, one Limited Edition Rare, two new items of clothing, and a Room Bundle.

The new furniture was designed to reference a variety of fairy-tales, such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Alice in Wonderland.


Furniture Line

Name Image Name Image
Bed made of a scroll Hween13 bed.png Railing of dwarf heads Hween13 dwarfdiv.png
Corner of the dwarf railing Railing of dwarf heads corner.png Blood Drips Blood drips.png
Castle Door Hween13 castledoor.png Castle Gargoyle Castle gargoyle.png
Castle Wall Hween13 castleblock1.png Cracked Mirror Cracked mirror.png
Dark Spades Card Tile Dark spades card tile.png Floating Candle Floating candle.png
House of Cards Table House of cards table.png Metal Corner Hween13 crnr 1.png
Metal Gate Hween13 gate 1.png Pig Candelabra Pig candelabra.png
Pocket Watch Pocket watch.png Poisonous Apple Tree Hween13 tree.gif
Reaper Teleport Reaper teleport.png Red Spades Card Tile Red spades card tile.png
Stage 2x2 Piece Hween13 stage l.png Tea Cup Seat Habboween tea cup seat.png
Tea Set Tea set.png Troll Bridge End Hween13 bridgeend.png
Troll Bridge Middle Hween13 bridgemid.png Castle Wall with Window Hween13 castleblock2.png
Castle Wall Spike Castle wall spike.png Castle Turret Block Hween13 castleturret1.png
Castle Turret Block with window Castle turret block with window.png Castle Turret Top Castle turret top.png
Metal Fence Hween13 fence 1.png Castle floor tile Castle floor tile.png
Thorny Grass Thorny grass.png Guts Floor Piece Guts floor piece.png
Terrifying background Terrifying background.png Stage 1x1 Piece Hween13 stage s.png
Thorny Divider Thorny divider.png Thorny Divider Corner Piece Thorny divider corner piece.png


Name Image Badge
Sally the Sheep SallytheSheep.png N/A
Throne of Thorns F-5321 3.png HBR04.gif
Princess and the Pea Hween13 monsterpea.png HBR01.gif
Seance Book Hween13 book.png HBR02.gif

Limited Edition Rare

Name Image Badge
Demonic Sheep DemonicSheeppng.png HBR03.gif


Name Image
Goblin Mask Effect-Goblin.png
Mutant Mask Effect-Mutant.png

Room Bundles

Exclusive Items

Name Image Bundle
A Twisted Frog A Twisted Frog.png Twisted Castle Bundle