Winter Horizon

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Winter Horizon
Release date: November 2019
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Witches' Coven
Next Campaign:
Winter Palace

Winter Horizon was a campaign that ran throughout November 2019[1]. There was no new furniture range released although the Log Cabin Bundle, that was released at the start of the month, included a new range of exclusive furniture. There were also new Winter Horizon clothing items and rares.

The Diamond Gift Box was also released for the second time for 24 hour periods during the month.

The Aquamarine and Blue One Way Gates were released in the Hot Furni section of the catalogue, along with some of the more uncommon Trophies.



During this campaign, eight new clothing items were released.

Name Image
Flared Trench Coat
Leather Hoodie
Hitched Wooly Jumper
Neck Scarf
Long Wavy Curls
Messy Tufts
Wireless Earphones
Micro Bag


Four new rare items were released during this campaign, three of which were wearable items.

Name Image Badge
Autumnal Dress
Puppy Accessories
Maple Bonsai Tree
Autumnal Headpiece

The following piece of Limited Edition Credit Furni was released during this campaign; it could be purchased for 500 Credits and redeemed for the same amount.

Name Image
King's Orb


Main Article: Black Friday 2019

Starting November 29th, a Black Friday Mega Deal was released where players could spend Credits and Diamonds to get a special 20% off deal. There were two deals and users received either one based on their spending habits.

Deal 1 Deal 2
Cost 105 Credits and 105 Diamonds Cost 200 Credits and 200 Diamonds
Regular Sized Scarf Regular Sized Scarf (x2)
70 Bronze Coins 80 Bronze Coins
Bandstand Snow Capped Mountains (x2)
1 month of Habbo Club Dark Snow Patches (x2)
Brownstone Building
Brown Timber Frame Building
Blue Stone Roof
Victorian Flower Basket
3 months of Habbo Club

The Regular Sized Scarf was exclusive to the deal and never to be released again.

Name Image
Regular Sized Scarf

Everyone who bought either of the deals also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 1869 Habbos have this badge.

Room Bundles

The following bundle was released during this campaign.

The following Room Bundles were re-released during this campaign.

Exclusive Furniture

All of the furniture included in the Log Cabin Bundle was exclusive to its release. For more information on this furniture, visited the Log Cabin page.


Best Winter Look

There was a poll on Hotel View asking Habbos to vote on what would be more popular during Habbo's winter season, either the Leather Hoodie Jacket or Flared Trench Coat. A prize of both items and Wireless Earphones went to the 100th Habbo to vote correctly. A badge was given out to those who voted depending on their choice.

Badge Description Badge Description
Winter Looks Community Challenge - Leather Hoodie Winter Looks Community Challenge - Flared Trench Coat

Room Competition: Design Staff Member's Living Room

Habbos were asked to create a new Living Room for Amaiazing[2]. The winning room would be copied and used by Amaiazing and the designer received 14 days Builders Club and a special badge. The top five entries receied 14 days Builders Club and all entries received a badge.

The winner was Alex.2293 and the runners up were asia-g, Queenension, joeeey-, L0-VE and Infundibulum[3].

World Television Day Looks Competition

This competition involved Habbos dressing up as their favourite television character[4]. The best entry received a Hitched Wooly Jumper, Neck Scarf, Wireless Earphones and Micro Bag. The top 5 entries received an exclusive badge and everyone who entered received a Beige Panda.

The winner was FriedTwinkies and the runners up were -ice-ice-, LAVAROCKS12345, teeheeme!, Betaine and TylerM.[5].