Habbo World Cup 2014 (Campaign)

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Habbo World Cup 2014
Release date: June 2014
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
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Habbo World Cup 2014 is a campaign that ran on Habbo throughout June 2014, it celebrated the 2014 World Cup that took place the same year in Brazil. Throughout the campaign, new and old furniture items were released into the catalogue, as well as two new room bundles and a new Limited Edition Rare.

In-client, a football tournament took place that replicated the real World Cup tournament; Habbos chose teams to play for and competed against each other to win the whole tournament.

Bonus Rare

The following bonus rare was also released during this campaign.

Name Image
Afroduck The Ref

Limited Edition Rare

The Habbo World Cup 2014 Trophy was released as a Limited Edition Rare during this campaign, 120 units were released at the price of 500 Credits each, however only 36 of these sold.

Name Image
Habbo World Cup 2014

Room Bundles

The following bundles were newly released during this campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.

During the release of these bundles, the following exclusive items were included.

Name Image Bundle
Golden Boot Footballer's Mansion Bundle


Habbo World Cup

For the main event of the campaign, all players were able to sign up to participate in an in-client Football tournament. For the tournament, two stadiums were built as public rooms, resembling Estadio do Maracana and Estadio do Mineirao.

The results of the first week of games were as follows[1][2];

Brazil vs Singapore Argentina vs Pakistan
0 3 3 1
Man Of The Match: [ FFT] Man Of The Match: See
Portugal vs Sweden England vs Norway
0 16 4 0
Man Of The Match: Guled Man Of The Match: TooSlow.
Denmark vs Wales France vs Somalia
0 16 10 0
Man Of The Match: Hospital Man Of The Match: Scandelous
Morocco vs Scotland Finland vs Uruguay
0 3 1 8
Man Of The Match: [ Cloning ] Man Of The Match: Zieds
Brazil vs Argentina Pakistan vs Singapore
0 3 0 20
Man Of The Match: [ FFT ] Man Of The Match: 9-Batiusta
Portugal vs Norway England vs Sweden
0 3 9 5
Man of The Match: [ FFT ] Man Of The Match: TooSlow.
Wales vs Somalia Denmark vs France
3 0 8 1
Man Of The Match: [ FFT ] Man Of The Match: Sereno-
Moroccos vs Finland Scotland vs Uruguay
3 0 6 5
Man Of The Match: [ FFT ] Man Of The Match: Moshni
Brazil vs Pakistan Singapore vs Argentina
24 0 17 0
Man Of The Match: Verdasca Man Of The Match: Alexinq
Sweden vs Norway England vs Portugal
3 4 3 0
Man Of The Match: Vilencia Man Of The Match: [ FFT ]
France vs Wales Somalia vs Denmark
3 12 0 3
Man Of The Match: ViperForce Man Of The Match: [ FFT ]
Uruguay vs Morocco Finland vs Scotland
12 2 0 3
Man Of The Match: Futis Man Of The Match: [ FFT ]

At the end of the first week, the following teams progressed to the Quarter Finals:

  • Singapore
  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Argentina
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Uruguay

The results of the Quarter Finals were as followed[3][4].

Singapore vs Norway Wales vs Uruguay
5 6 10 2
Argentina vs England Denmark vs Scotland
0 12 16 0

Norway, Wales, England and Denmark then all played in the Semi Finals on June 28th - with Norway and Denmark emerging as the two winning teams to head into the final[5]. The final results were as follows[6].

Denmark vs Norway
3 4

Following their victory in the Final, Norway were named winners of the Habbo World Cup 2014; the team roster was as follows[7]:

  • Rikzilla
  • Maf-Banned
  • AndersNOR
  • JackKelly.
  • Vilencia
  • Firrepuff.se
  • Valid=Banned
  • Relogger

Collectible Badges

For each match, attendees were asked to decide which team they were supporting - this would give them a badge. If users chose the team that won they would receive the collectible badge, in the event of a tie both supporters would receive the badge.

Badge Name Badge Name
National Team Flag: Algeria National Team Flag: USA
National Team Flag: Belgium National Team Flag: Australia
National Team Flag: Russia National Team Flag: Colombia
National Team Flag: Costa Rica National Team Flag: Croatia
National Team Flag: Ecuador National Team Flag: England
National Team Flag: France National Team Flag: Switzerland
National Team Flag: Ghana National Team Flag: Japan
National Team Flag: Greece National Team Flag: Uruguay
National Team Flag: Mexico National Team Flag: Netherlands
National Team Flag: Portugal National Team Flag: Chile
National Team Flag: Spain National Team Flag: Germany
National Team Flag: Argentina National Team Flag: Brazil

World Cup Writing Competition

At the time of the campaign, the World Cup was being held in Brazil and the next host country had been announced as Russia. However, Habbo launched a competition that asked players to write a 200 word piece explaining why their country would be the best place to host the next World Cup[8]. The top 27 entries would receive an exlusive badge and would be published in the Habblo! channel; whereas the top five would receive the badge and a World Cup furniture pack.

The top 27 entries were as follows, with the 5 winning entries in bold[9];

  • TheRabFanClub
  • Hakuchi
  • kovsky.
  • 0ctavius
  • Pokemon
  • Storking
  • Volcanus
  • ups50cent
  • Shaleeka
  • spokeunderoath
  • Steffin.
  • jouvest
  • Kayllah
  • Samanfa
  • ,97
  • enzuken123
  • Wizhared
  • Chamlet
  • Anakin35
  • IzaazTheGreat1
  • Hanna.Yeap
  • Jardinage
  • Amanda.
  • OhMyItzAsh
  • Epidomy
  • jye600
  • Kanakai-D

Stadium Fever: Room Competition

During the campaign Habbo launched a room design competition that asked players to recreate the 12 stadiums that were set to host the World Cup that year in Brazil[10]. The competition spanned over a few weeks, with a select few stadiums being replicated each week.

The top 25 builders for each week received an exclusive badge that represented the city they chose to build. The top 5 entries would receive a badge and a month of Builders Club. In addition to these prizes, the winning builder would also receive a rare.

Week 1

For the first week, the following stadium locations were set to be recreated.

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Manaus
  • Fortaleza
  • Natal

The top 25 builders from the first week's competition were the following:

  • 0ctavius
  • .!:miguel:!.
  • UnderCover.
  • .Derp.
  • Bionic...
  • HippieGrowth
  • 1404
  • Arcalm
  • SilentTone
  • Spokeunderoath
  • Elecure
  • Xemnas
  • Arcalm
  • Summers
  • PizzaCrusts
  • Jaese
  • MicrofoneMix
  • Prisoner
  • g.c.magic

Meanwhile the top 5 entries were the following:

  • MiNiBbY
  • Haha
  • kovsky.
  • oSkaterBoyo
  • Cannonman - this user was the winner for the first week of the competition; their entry represented the city of Manaus.

Week 2

The cities that were to be recreated for the second week of the competition consisted of the following four[11].

  • Recife
  • Salvador
  • Cuiaba
  • Brasilia

The top 25 winners for the second week were as follows[12]:

  • Shaleeka
  • oSkaterBoyo
  • Satu
  • Summers
  • spokeunderoath
  • Xemnas
  • BetMee
  • Stadiums
  • kovsky.
  • Arcalm
  • faizmessi
  • OhMyItzAsh
  • g.c.magic
  • Jaese

Of the top 25, the following entries were names as the top five:

  • .!:miguel:!.
  • .Derp.
  • Storking
  • HippieGrowth
  • MiNiBbY - this user was the winner for the first week of the competition.

Week 3

For the third and final week of the competition, the following cities were up as options for players' builds[13].

  • Belo Horizonte
  • Sao Paulo
  • Curitiba
  • Porto Alegre

The final 25 for the third round were as follows[14]:

  • Haha
  • Shaleeka
  • BetMee
  • .Derp.
  • Xemnas
  • Arcalm
  • spokeunderoath
  • oSkaterBoyo
  • lluvli
  • kovsky.
  • ,97
  • Chidiva
  • Joudini
  • Satu
  • OhMyItzAsh
  • Jaese
  • g.c.magic

The top five entries were:

  • remmub
  • Wizhared
  • MiNibby
  • Atalyn1804
  • Storking - this user was the winner for the first week of the competition.

Epic World Cup Moments Pixel Art

Habbo also launched another competition during this campaign that asked players to create pixel art that portrayed a famous moment in FIFA World Cup history[15]. The top ten entries received an exclusive "Epic Moments" badge; whereas the top five would receive the badge and a one month subscription of Builders Club. Along with these prizes, the winning entry would receive a football rare.

The top ten entries for this competition were[16]:

  • MrTmc
  • g.c.magic
  • spokeunderoath
  • kovsky.
  • sprite27
  • JiaHengK

Of these entries, the top five was as follows:

  • nightyboom
  • Storking
  • OhMyItzAsh
  • chemotherapy

The winner of the competition was sprite27.