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Release date: April 2017
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Habbo Mall (2017)
Next Campaign:
Outer Space

Farm is a furniture line released on 3rd of April, 2017 as part of the Easter campaign. The campaign ran between 3rd-30th April, and it involved collecting ingredients and using the ingredients to bake with the Combi-Stove. The campaign introduced a new farming feature to Habbo, which allows players to plant seeds and grow their own crops from a buyable item called Bag of Seeds in order to craft recipes.


The campaign involved collecting ingredients and using the ingredients to bake using the Combi-Stove. The ingredients could be collected in various ways, with the Chocolate Bar and Flour being the most difficult. The Chocolate Bar and Flour were obtained from Easter Eggs, which were grudgingly dropped by the Easter Bunny within the Public Rooms on Habbo. To collect the ingredients, players had to stand next to the egg and click on it. The egg required 11 clicks to open, which meant that the players had to compete to be the last player to click on it, thus being the one to open it and receive the ingredient.


Farm crafting.png

Various other ingredients were also able to be used with either the Flour or Chocolate Bar to create furni, with those not being "baking" goods harking back to previous Easter releases:

Ingredient Image Used to craft
Wafer Block Cland c15 waferblock.png Cake Block
Basket of Eggs Basket of Eggs.png Laffy Taffy Tree
Mushrooms EasterMushrooms.png Red Flower
Blue Gum Drop Seat Cland c15 jellyseat3.png Blue Flower
Popsicle Tree Cland c15 icreamtree.png Yellow Flower
Easter Chair EasterChair.png Cable Chair
Garden Arch EasterArch.png Electric Fence
Egg Plant Egg Plant.png
Orange Soda Candy Table Cland c15 table.png Tech Table
Chocolate Rocks Chocrocks.png Tech Stump
Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jam.png Raspberry Cupcakes
Strawberry Jam Strawberry Jam.png Strawberry Cake / Cake Platter
Blackberry Jam Blackberry Jam.png Blackberry Tart
Blackberry Bush Blackberry Bush.png Blackberry Jam / Fruit Salad
Strawberry Bush Strawberry Bush.png Strawberry Jam / Fruit Salad
Raspberry Bush Raspberry Bush.png Raspberry Jam / Fruit Salad
Carrots Carrots.png Carrot Cake


Furniture Line

Name Image
Apple Tree Apple Tree.png
Oak Tree Oak Tree.png
Peach Tree Peach Tree.png
Pear Tree Pear Tree.png
Barn House Doors Barn House Doors.png
Barn House Barn House.png
Barn Roof Barn Roof.png
Barn Walls Barn Walls.png
Paddock Fence Paddock Fence.png
Paddock Gate Paddock Gate.png
Corner Fence Corner Fence.png
Wooden Stile Wooden Stile.png
Bee Hive Bee Hive.png
Border Collie Border Collie.png
Chicken Coop Chicken Coop.png
Cushioned Seat Cushioned Seat.png
Lunch Table Lunch Table.png
Farm Crops Farm Crops.png
Farm Sprinkler Farm Sprinkler.png
Farmyard Windmill Farmyard Windmill.png
Idyllic Landscape Idyllic Landscape.png
Plump Chicken Plump Chicken.png


Name Image
Farmer Photo Stand Easter r17 farmcutout.png
Hen Hat Clothing r17 chicken.png
Cow Beanie Clothing r17 cow.png
Crazy Mare Face Clothing r17 horse.png

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Price
Goddess of Harvest GoddessofHarvest.gif 500 Credits

Room Bundles