Winter Palace

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Winter Palace
Release date: December 2019
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Winter Horizon
Next Campaign:
New Year 2020

Winter Palace was Habbo's 2019 Christmas campaign[1]. It saw the release of new furniture and clothing items, along with four new rare items. From a visual stance, the range closely resembles the theme of the Disney motion picture Frozen.


Catalogue Furniture

A large range of new furniture items was released during this campaign.

Name Image Name Image
Winter Palace Arch Winter Palace Balcony
Winter Palace Drape Winter Palace Banner
Winter Palace Windows Winter Palace Table
Is This a Tree? Winter Palace Floor
Winter Palace Chandelier Winter Palace Chair
Luminescent Ice Boulder Razor Sharp Icicles
Roof Icicles Fruity Slush Dispenser
Jack Frost's Lunch Snow Sprites


Five new clothing items were released during the campaign.

Name Image
Beard of Icicles
Pompom Beanie
Pompom Bag
Snowman Suit


Four new rares were released throughout the month, two of which were Clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Polar Braid
Iridescent Ice Harp
Forward Facing Spikes
Hallowed Ice Fountain

Limited Edition Rares

The Ice Throne was released on December 19. There were 168 units available for 750 Credits. The rare was not as popular as other recent Limited Edition Rares and did not sell out.

Name Image Badge
Ice Throne


The ice carvings came from Icicle Boxes. Each box was crackable and had a 50% chance of becoming either an ice carving or another box which also had a 50% chance of becoming another box or an ice carving. There were six boxes in total and five ice carvings. The last box, North Star Box, had a 100% chance of giving users a Crown of Frost.

Due to laws surrounding loot boxes and had different (non-crackable) boxes.

Name Image
Snowman Crafting Table
Vial Of Dust
Icicle Box
Gingerbread Box
Snowman Box
Christmas Tree Box
Holly Box
North Star Box
Carved Ice Angel
Carved Ice Dragon
Carved Ice Reindeer
Carved Ice Robin
Carved Ice Unicorn
Crown of Frost

Five gilded ice carvings were available to be crafted using a Vial of Dust and five small ice carvings. The Vial Of Dust was available through completing the eleven games in the Welcome to the Winter Palace room.

Ingredients Name Image
++++++ Gilded Ice Angel
++++ Gilded Ice Dragon
++++ Gilded Ice Reindeer
++++ Gilded Ice Songbirds
++++ Gilded Ice Unicorn


A series of exclusive achievements were available throughout this campaign, all of which centred around the seasonal crafting system.

  • For crafting 2 items
  • For crafting 4 items
  • For crafting 6 items
  • For crafting 8 items
  • For crafting 10 items
  • For crafting 12 items
  • For crafting 14 items
  • For crafting 16 items
  • For crafting 18 items
  • For crafting 20 items

Room Bundles

Two new Room Bundles were released during this campaign.

Two older bundles were re-released during the month.


Advent Calendar

Similar to previous years, Habbo released an Advent Calendar where players could receive a gift every day from December 1st until December 25th. The gifts included Credits, Duckets, old Christmas furniture, Habbo Club or Builders Club and 8 new items released that were exclusive to the Advent Calendar.

Name Image
Chubby Cat
Round Man
Pudding Pug
Circular Hamster
Boreal Mage
Winter Palace Guard
Little Inuit
Polar Elf

Welcome to the Winter Palace

There were eleven games available to play, for winning each one Habbos would receive a badge and Vial of Gold Dusts to use in the Winter Palace Crafting.

Name Image Name Image
Winter Palace Game I Winter Palace Game II
Winter Palace Game III Winter Palace Game IV
Winter Palace Game V Winter Palace Game VI
Winter Palace Game VII Winter Palace Game VIII
Winter Palace Game IX Winter Palace Game X
Winter Palace Game XI

Palace Doors

The high temperatures are putting the Winter Palace and everything inside of it in danger of melting. Protect the palace by closing the entrance doors which have been left open before the heat reaches the Magic Hallowed Ice Fountain and Christmas gets ruined.

The Royal Party

The Queen had everything prepared for the annual Christmas party. Unfortunately this year the party might not even happen because of all the ice that's melting inside the palace. Help the Queen save the food and presents before they get ruined too.

Slippery Stairs

Everyone in the palace knows that the magic Hallowed Ice Fountain is hidden in one of the many rooms of the palace. In order to find it you'll need to make your ways upstairs stepping only on the pressure plates.

Finding the Boreal Mage

The Boreal Mage is one of the lucky few who actually knows where the Hallowed Ice Fountain is kept, or at least that's what everyone in the palace seem to think...
Find the hidden switches that will make music boxes appear and check for yourself whether the rumors are true.
Good luck getting any help from the Boreal Mage, she's not the most trusting person you'll meet...

Winter Maze

To reach the teleports on the other side of the ropes you'll first need to catch all the snow sprites.

Father Frost

Father Frost was on his way to meet the Boreal Mage when he got lost and entered the wrong room. Now he's stuck and can't get move past the candy canes that are blocking his way. Help him make it to other side of the room.

The Library

If the clue the Boreal Mage gave you is true there might be a secret password hidden in some books. Find the right books and make sure to remember the password maybe you'll need it in the future.

Moving Figurines

You're one room away from reaching the Hallowed Ice Fountain, but before you get there you need to collect all the figurines that are erratically moving across the floor.

Help The Queen!

The Queen was about to rescue the fountain when suddenly a bunch ice blocks fell in front of her blocking her way to the fountain. Help her remove the ice blocks and save the Hallowed Ice Fountain before it's too late.

Hollowed Ice Fountain

The Queen is running out of time, most of the rooms of the palace have melted except for this one. This is the Queen's last chance to secure the fountain and save her palace.

Egbert the Excitable Dragon

Egbret the Excitable Dragon was a game created by Builders at Work. The game was made up of five mini games and in every room was a badge.

Name Image Name Image
There's snow-one like you! Love at frost sight!
Have a tree-mendous Christmas! Had a magical Christmas with BaW.
You set my heart on fire...


Twitter Giveaway

Habbo gave some users the first oppurtunity to wear the new Clothing items via a giveaway on Twitter. The winners also received a badge.

Name Image
Winter Palace Twitter Giveaway Winner