Christmas 2010

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Release date: December 2010
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

Another big year for Habbo was Christmas 2010, with approximately 24 new items entering the hotel and Catalogue. Some items were given out to players with promotions, such as the Chestnut Roaster. The range was rather expensive in comparison to other seasonal campaigns, and also potentially partially due to not all items being exclusively Christmas related. This 2010 campaign also received a new Brand Banner, as seen to the right.

The range included various recolours within it and different versions of the same items, such as the City Buildings and the Skyscraper.


Name Image
Santa's Fireplace Teleport
Park Bench
City Hydrant
Shop Window
Street Lamp Post
City Statue
Chestnut Roaster
Snowy Sidewalk
Epic Christmas Tree
City Street Divider
City Street Corner
City Street Barrier
Blue Ice Star
Yellow Ice Star
Green Ice Star
Red Ice Star
City Building 1
City Building 2
City Building 3
Skyscraper 1
Skyscraper 2
Skyscraper 3
Skyscraper 4

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