Rainy Day

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Rainy Day
Release date: September 2019
Available from: Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Sunlight City
Next Campaign:
Witches' Coven

The Rainy Day campaign was held throughout September 2019 and came with the release of ten new catalogue furniture items, one new credit furniture and two new (rare) clothing items. The furniture and campaign was themed around staying cozy house during a cold rainy day by staying inside with board games, hot chocolate milk and cookies.

The campaign saw two new room bundles, the Rainy Day Bundle and the Supermarket Bundle. Four room bundles returned from previous years, the Back To School bundles 1, 2 and 3 and the Pro Gamer Bundle.

A game was held called 'The Bean Bag Game' where Habbos had to score points by sitting on the new released Comfy Bean Bags and avoid touching the flames. The Habbo(s) who had 3 points and still standing when the time ran out won a badge.

The furni range of Rainy Day items was quite popular and one year later in August 2020 even more items were added to the catalogue range, and a new Rainy Day Bundle 2.0 was also released.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Pillow Fort
Rain-soaked Windows
Tartan Seat
Comfy Bean Bag
Board Games
Hot Chocolate
Cosy Lamp
Cosy Rug

2020 Additions

In August 2020 the Rainy Day range was extended with more furni added into the category in the catalogue and a new Room Bundle, Rainy Day Bundle 2.0, was released.

Name Image
Soaked Coat Rack
Snuggly Whippet
Arts & Crafts Set
Star Wall Stickers
Painter's Set
Leaky Window
Rainy Day Wallpaper
Scented Candles
Hibernator Blanket
Log Stack
Poet's Typewriter
Wooden Writing Bureau
Weathered Floorboards
Sketching Table
Habb-O Gaming Console

Credit Furni

During this campaign, a new piece of Limited Edition Credit Furni was released. It could be purchased for 250 Credits and exchanged for the same amount.

Name Image
Designer Hucci Bag


Four new rares were released during this campaign, two of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Impermeable Raincoat
Little Raccoon
Teddy Dressing Gown

Room Bundles

The following new Room Bundles were released during this campaign.

This previously-released bundle was once again made available in the catalogue in September of 2019.

In 2020 when the Rainy Day range was extended and a new room bundle was released.

Exclusive Furni

Two of the new bundles that were released during the Rainy Day campaign contained furniture items that were exclusive to the bundles.

Name Image Bundle
Book Bag Back to School Bundle 2
Half Tied Hair Back to School Bundle 3


The Bean Bag Game

Every user who won The Bean Bag Game in 2019 also won a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 935 Habbos have this badge.