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Release date: May 2016
Available from: Marketplace

Superheroes or Habbo Superheroes, was the name of a campaign launched on the 2nd of May, 2016. Two regular Habbos named Silver Mustard and Lord Pixel developed special powers and soon taken the law of the virtual world into their own hands... and it's up to YOU to help! Stay tuned to defend the Hotel from evil retro kingpins, save ordinary Habbo Citizens from extreme situations and dodge the prying eyes of Habbo journalists. As well as a bunch of awesome games to play and badges to earn, incoming is a sweet selection of awe-inspiring furni and clothing for your avatar.

Besides the clothing the only new (exclusive) furniture that were released are included in four Room Bundles, were four posters, which can be seen as an extension to the in 2012 launched campaign Movie Magic.


Name Image Badge
Heroic Helm HeroicHelm.png HSH20.gif
Power Imbued Protector Untitled-1.png HSH21.gif

Room Bundles

Three new Room Bundles were released throughout the campaign, each costing 99 Credits and came with an exclusive Badge and a Movie Poster.

The City of Neo-Habbo Bundle was also re-released during the campaign. It was available on the 23rd until the 29th of May

Exclusive Items

Name Image Bundle
Superheroes in Love Superheroes in Love.png Superhero Smuggler's Bundle
The Incredible Sulk The Incredible Sulk.png Lord Pixel's Lair Bundle
Cat Lady Cat Lady.png Silver Mustard's Sanctuary Bundle


Name Description Badge
Silver Mustard Badge to transform into Silver Mustard HSH03.png
Lord Pixel Badge to transform into Lord Pixel HSH04.png
Escape of Exposure Habbo Superheroes 2016 HSH05.png
The Natural Disaster Habbo Superheroes 2016 HSH06.png
Sewage Man Habbo Superheroes 2016 HSH07.png
The Kidnapped Journalists Habbo Superheroes 2016 HSH08.png
Villan Pixel Fight Habbo Superheroes 2016 HSH09.png
Goed goes bad? Habbo Superheroes 2016 HSH10.png