Hospital Drama

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Hospital Drama
Release date: November 2016
Available from: MarketPlace
Previous Campaign:
Ghost Hunter
Next Campaign:
Christmas Citadel

Hospital Drama was a campaign that ran throughout November 2016. Are you a fan of Scrubs? Or perhaps you're partial to a bit of Green Wing. Whichever one you're into, this month we've got you covered. We're releasing several TV show-themed bundles packed full of highly sought-after and valuable furni. Our designers also got a little nostalgic and have recreated the iconic Ice Cafe as a bundle! Like our other classic bundles, the furni in this one is 100% new and will be a permanent addition to the Builder's Club Warehouse.


Black Friday Deal

Two Credit Deals were available for Black Friday. Habbos could save 20% on one of two deals that included bronze coins, Habbo Club, some Christmas Citadel furni and an exclusive badge. The deal also included one or two exclusive Oversized Scarf. This was the only place the scarves were released and since then they have become quite rare and are worth significantly more than the cost of these deals.

Deal 1 cost 105 and 10 and included:

  • Oversized Scarf
  • Bronze Coin (x70)
  • 1 Month of Habbo Club
  • Snowy Roof (x1)
  • Building Bottom (x1)
  • Snack and Milk & Cookies (x1)

Deal 2 cost 180 and 180 and included:

  • Oversized Scarf (x2)
  • Bronze Coin (x80)
  • 3 Month of Habbo Club
  • Snowy Roof (x2)
  • Building Bottom (x2)

Badge and Exclusive Item

Badge Exclusive Item

Collectible Fish Tanks

Seven fish tanks were released from November 21st to 27th each with a different fish inside. The first fish tank to be released was the King Crab Tank. They all came with a badge and there was an extra badge for Habbos who bought all seven.

Name Image Badge
King Crab Tank
Turtle Tank
Electric Eel Tank
Piranha Tank
Anglerfish Tank
Tropical Fish Tank
Pufferfish Tank


Everyone who purchased all the fish tank achieved the Fish Tank Mega-Hoarder badge.

According to Habbowidgets 344 Habbos have this badge.

Room Bundles