Magical Laboratory

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Magical Laboratory
Release date: May 2022
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
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Habbo Bioworld
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Magical Laboratory is the Habbo campaign that ran throughout May of 2022. The campaign was relatively small in comparison with other campaigns; with one new apron, four new rares, as well as a new item of limited edition credit furni being released throughout the month. Eight new room bundles were also released during this campaign.



One new item of clothing was released during this campaign.

Name Image
Magic Tech Apron


Four new rares were released throughout the campaign.

Name Image Badge
Magic Galaxy Cape
Magic Staff
XL Magic Tube
Magical Mechanical Hand

Credit Furniture

A new item of credit furniture was also released during this campaign, it was worth a total of 500 credits when exchanged, and could be purchased for the same amount.

Name Image
Gem Snake

Room Bundles

Eight new room bundles were released during this campaign.

Whilst the following bundles were re-released during this campaign.