Tropical Xmas

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Tropical Xmas
Release date: December 2014
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Movie Magic
Next Campaign:
New Year 2015

Habbo's Christmas campaign in 2014 revolved around a Tropical themed Christmas. This campaign saw the traditional release of a new range of Christmas themed furniture in the Catalogue, as well as the re-release of previous ranges.

Christmas on Habbo is always a time for non-stop competitions and prize giving, and Christmas 2014 was no different. 2014 saw the return of Habbo's annual Advent Calendar as well as daily tasks found in the Habbo Advent Cabin room. Upon completion, Habbos were awarded 5 Seashells per quest, which could be used to purchase Seashell elves.

There were eight regular elves which cost ten seashells each and two rare elves that cost 40 seashells each. There was also a 12 Days of Christmas event starting from the 9th. As part of the event, 12 official fansites were each given a day for their own Official Fansite Event to take place. Badges in the form of the respective Seashell elves and another two elves (which were not counted as seashell elves) could be won.


Catalogue Furniture

As part of the Christmas 2014 global campaign, new items of Tiki furniture were released under the theme of Caribbean Christmas celebrations and came to be known Festive Tiki. 22 items were added to the catalogue with this release.

Name Image
Beach Recliner
Festive Tiki Curved Fence
Beach Hut Stage
Tiki Bar
Beach Hut tent
Festive Tiki Fence
Festive Tiki Bar
Beach Hut Stage
Sunny the Sad Snowman
Beach Hut teleport
Festive Tiki Fence Corner
Surfboard Table
Sun Beams
White Sand with Baubles
Festive Tiki Fence Gate
Surfboard Chair
Tiki Fence Gate
String Lights
String Lights
Starfish Wall Light
Christmas Palm

Seashell Elves

Name Image
Normal Elf
Scuba Elf
Rudolph Elf
Mrs Claus Elf
Holiday Elf
Miami Habbo Elf
Bikini Elf
Block of Ice Elf
Rasta Elf (40 shells)
Muscle Elf (40 shells)


Name Image Badge
Shark Throne
Mermaid Carol Singer

Bonus Rares

Name Image
90's Boombox Sandman
Inflatable Rudolph Ring-deer

Limited Edition Rare

The Snow Globe LTD was released on 20 December 2014. There were 60 units available for 750 Credits each, all of which sold.

Name Image Badge
Snow Globe


A deal costing 40 credits and 40 diamonds was released. This deal gave the user 40 bronze coins, 1 month of Habbo Club, and an exclusive item. There was also a badge attached, titled "Xmas Kick-Offer".

Name Image Badge