University New Beginnings

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University New Beginnings
Release date: June 2023
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
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Next Campaign:
July 2023

University New Beginnings is the Habbo campaign that took place throughout June of 2023[1], based around moving into university dorms and choosing one of four clubs to suit your style. There were also four new rares, two new Limited Edition rares, and a new rare item of credit furniture released.


Catalogue Furniture

As part of this campaign, five new collections of university-themed furniture items were released into the catalogue.

Uni Furni

Name Image
University Crest
Dorm Pillar
Dorm Floor
Freshman Dorm Window
Freshman Locker
Dorm Wall
Dorm Lift

Goth Furni

Name Image
Macabre Unicorn
Hungry Monster Plant
Gothic Bed
Gothic Shelf
Gothic Dorm Window
Gothic Locker

Sporty Furni

Name Image
Sporty Bed
Bubblejuice Pong
Sports Jersey
Sporty Dorm Window
Rowing Decor
Sporty Locker

Genius Furni

Name Image
Framed Qualification
Society Flags
Intellectual Bed
Intellectual Shelf
Deluxe Ant Farm
Intellectual Dorm Window
Intellectual Locker
Bunsen Burner
Planning Board

Artist Furni

Name Image
Art Sketches
Bright Unicorn
Artist's Wall Ladder
Arty Bed
Crumpled Toilet Paper
Lone Backpack
Arty Dorm Window
Arty Locker


One new clothing item was released during this campaign: the Graduation Cap and Gown.

Name Image
Graduation Cap and Gown


A new crafting system was released during this campaign. A set of crafting ingredients were released into the catalogue, each ingredient could be purchased throughout the month.

Name Image
Sports Equipment
Copic Markers
Writing Set
University Fabric Poster
Letterman Jacket
University Backpack
Graduation Teddy
Study Table

The crafting table - the - could be used to create different variations of the furniture items that were used as ingredients.

Study Table
Ingredients Product
Name Images Name Image
Sports Equipment (x2) + Writing Set (x2) + Copic Markers (x2) + Study Books (x2) (x2) + (x2) + (x2) + (x2) Golden Apple
Teddy Bear
Graduation Teddy + Sports Equipment + Sporty Teddy Bear
Graduation Teddy + Writing Set + Gothic Teddy Bear
Graduation Teddy + Study Books + Intellectual Teddy Bear
Graduation Teddy + Copic Markers + Arty Teddy Bear
Graduation Teddy + Golden Apple + Golden Teddy Bear
Fabric Poster
University Fabric Poster + Sports Equipment (x2) + (x2) Sporty Fabric Poster
University Fabric Poster + Writing Set (x2) + (x2) Gothic Fabric Poster
University Fabric Poster + Study Books (x2) + (x2) Intellectual Fabric Poster
University Fabric Poster + Copic Markers (x2) + (x2) Arty Fabric Poster
University Fabric Poster + Golden Apple + Golden H Fabric Poster
Letterman Jacket + Study Books (x3) + (x3) Intellectual Uniform
Letterman Jacket + Sports Equipment (x3) + (x3) Active Uniform
Letterman Jacket + Writing Set (x3) + (x3) Gothic Uniform
Letterman Jacket + Copic Markers (x3) + (x3) Arty Uniform
Letterman Jacket + Golden Apple + Golden H Uniform
University Backpack + Study Books (x3) + (x3) Intellectual Backpack
University Backpack + Sports Equipment (x3) + (x3) Sporty Backpack
University Backpack + Writing Set (x3) + (x3) Gothic Backpack
University Backpack + Copic Markers (x3) + (x3) Arty Backpack
University Backpack + Golden Apple + Golden H Backpack


Four new rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Cutesy Artist Outfit
Mad Professor Hair
Witch's Familiar
RARE Diamond Elephant Statue
Plushie Pile

Limited Edition Rares

Two new Limited Editions rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Fire Overlord Outfit
Investment Gold Fountain
Rainbow Icecream LTD

Credit Furniture

A new item of Limited Edition credit furniture was released for this campaign.

Name Image
Golden Queen Chess Piece

Room Bundles

Two new bundles were released during the campaign.

The following room bundles were re-released during this campaign.