New Year 2021

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New Year 2021
Release date: January 2021
Season: New Year
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Enchanted Winter Forest
Next Campaign:
Valentines 2021

New Year 2021 (or January 2021) was a campaign that began at the end of December 2020 to celebrate the end of the year, and continued throughout January of 2021[1].

Like most New Year campaigns, the only new catalogue furniture was the 2021 NY Countdown, as well as a new Gold Accessory Pack. A new room bundle - the Messy Room Bundle - was released into the catalogue, which introduced an exclusive range of furniture; known as the Messy Room line.


Catalogue Furniture

Only one new item was added to the catalogue during this catalogue.

Name Image
2021 NY Countdown NY 2021 Countdown.png


Golden Hat Pack v.1

A new version of the Gold Accessory Pack was released, this time called the Golden Hat Pack v.1.
Eight hats were available in this hat pack.

Golden Hat Pack v.1.png
Name Image
Golden Wig Gold hat 1.png
Golden Paper Hat Gold hat 2.png
Golden Top Hat Gold hat 3.png
Golden Ski Mask Gold hat 4.png
Golden Military Beret Gold hat 5.png
Golden Visor Gold hat 6.png
Golden Military Beret Gold hat 7.png
Golden Knight Helmet Gold hat 8.png


Four new rares were released during this campaign, only one of which was a wearable item.

Name Image Badge
Sunrise Cloud Hat Clothing r21 sunnycloudhat.png J2109.png
Royal Bear Plushie r21 kingbear.png J2110.png
Vintage Coffee Siphon Rare r21 coffeesiphon.png J2111.png
Wisteria Arch Garden r21 wisteriaarch.png J2112.png

Limited Edition Rares

One Limited Edition Rare was released this month. The Unicorn Puppy was released for the price of 250 Credits, of which there were 540 units sold.

Name Image Badge
Unicorn Puppy Ltd21 unicornpup.png J2113.png

Room Bundles

One new furniture bundle was released during this campaign; the items within this bundle were entirely exclusive.

The following Room Bundles were re-released during this campaign.


Live Event: Calling all Quiz Heads!

Towards the end of the month, Habbo announced a live quiz event[2]. Players were asked a series of varied general knowledge questions; the first person to answer each of these received a Ruby Capybara.

Name Image
Ruby Capybara Ruby Capybara.png

Every player that attended received the following badge. Organisers surprised attendees at the end of the event, by allowing everyone in attendance to claim a Capybara.

Badge Description
IPL30.png What a Quackin' Quiz!