Habbo Bioworld

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Habbo Bioworld
Release date: April 2022
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue Seasonally
Previous Campaign:
March 2022
Next Campaign:
Magical Laboratory
“Build your very own conservatories and greenhouses to watch nature do its thing! It's pretty sick. Wildlife not included.”

Habbo Bioworld is the Easter campaign that ran throughout April 2022. The campaign was themed around bugs and their natural habitats and included the release of new Catalogue furniture range, rares, a limited edition rare, new crackables and more.

Catalogue Furniture

A new furniture line was released during this campaign.

Name Image Name Image
easter_c22_informationboard Board x1.png easter_c22_barrelcactus Easter c22 barrelcactus 64 a 0 0.png
easter_c22_beehotel Easter c22 beehotel 64 a 4 0.png easter_c22_bioworldwall Easter c22 bioworldwall 64 g 6 0.png
easter_c22_dirtfloor Easter c22 dirtfloor 64 a 0 0 copy 2.png easter_c22_fossilbench Easter c22 fossilbench 64 a 2 0.png
easter_c22_hangingvines Easter c22 hangingvines 64 a 2 01.png easter_c22_kioskshop Easter c22 kioskshop.png
easter_c22_pathlight Easter c22 pathlight 64 b 0 0.png easter_c22_redtippedplant Easter c22 redtippedplant.png
easter_c22_rockdecor Easter c22 rockdecor 64 a 0 0.png easter_c22_rockerydark Easter c22 rockerydark 64 b 0 0.png
easter_c22_rockerylight Easter c22 rockerylight 64 d 0 0.png easter_c22_ropedivider Easter c22 ropedivider.png
easter_c22_tallgrass Easter c22 tallgrass 64 a 0 0.png easter_c22_waterfeature Easter c22 waterfeature.png
easter_c22_titanarumplant Image2021-12-17 10-56-23.png easter_c22_rockfloor Image2021-12-17 10-56-40.png
easter_c22_rafflesia Image2021-12-17 10-57-9.png easter_c22_pottingtable Image2021-12-17 10-57-35.png
easter_c22_tree Image2021-12-20 17-49-11.png easter_c22_fanpalm Image2021-12-20 17-50-26.png
easter_c22_giantbee Image2021-12-20 17-50-57.png easter_c22_driftwood Image2021-12-20 17-56-51.png
easter_c22_roundpalm Image2022-1-18 15-10-47.png


Name Image
Wilderness Explorer's Outfit Clothing explorersoutfit.png
Bee T-Shirt Clothing beetshirt.png
Bug Net Clothing net.png


Name Image Badge
Human Moth Outfit Clothing r22 mothoutfit.png BWD08.png
Beetle Backpack Clothing r22 beetle.png BWD09.png
Coffee Truck Easter r22 boutiquecoffee.png BWD10.png
Caterpillar Sleeping Bag Easter r22 caterpillarsleepingbag.png BWD11.png

Limited Edition Rare

During this campaign, a new limited edition rare was also released.

Name Image Badge
The Butterfly Dome Easter ltd22 butterflyenclosure.png BWD12.png


There were two crackable kits released during this campaign; both of which contained additional crackable items.

Standard Bug Kit

The Standard Bug Kit could be cracked to receive some common bugs, along with a 1% chance of also receiving an Apparel Bag.

Standard Bug Kit
Easter c22 bugkit.png
Name Image Probability
easter_c22_apparelbag name Easter c22 apparelbag.png 1%
easter_c22_groundbugs1 name Easter c22 groundbugs1.png 33%
easter_c22_groundbugs3 name Easter c22 groundbugs3.png 33%
Easter c22 aerialbugs1 Easter c22 aerialbugs1.png 33%

From the Standard Bug Kit, users would receive either of the three following smaller crackables. Each contained three different bugs; players received all three of these.

Easter c22 groundbugs1
Easter c22 groundbugs1.png
Name Image
easter_c22_scarab1 name Easter c22 scarab1.png
easter_c22_ladybird1 name Easter c22 ladybird1.png
easter_c22_sawstagbeetle1 name Easter c22 sawstagbeetle1.png
Easter c22 groundbugs3
Easter c22 groundbugs3.png
Name Image
easter_c22_mantis1 name Easter c22 mantis1.png
easter_c22_goliathbeetle1 name Easter c22 goliathbeetle1.png
easter_c22_caterpillar1 name Easter c22 caterpillar1.png
Easter c22 aerialbugs1
Easter c22 aerialbugs1.png
Name Image
easter_c22_morpho1 name Easter c22 morpho1.png
easter_c22_agrias1 name Easter c22 agrias1.png
easter_c22_dragonfly1 name Easter c22 dragonfly1.png

Deluxe Bug Kit

Also released during this campaign was the Deluxe Bug Kit, which also contained one of three smaller crackables. Users who purchased this kit were also guaranteed an Apparel Kit.

Deluxe Bug Kit
Easter c22 deluxebugkit.png
Name Image Probability
easter_c22_apparelbag name Easter c22 apparelbag.png 100%
easter_c22_groundbugs2 name Easter c22 groundbugs2.png 33%
easter_c22_groundbugs4 name Easter c22 groundbugs4.png 33%
easter_c22_aerialbugs2 name Easter c22 aerialbugs2.png 33%

Similarly to the Standard Bug Kit, users would receive either of the three following smaller crackables from the Deluxe Bug Kit. Each contained three different bugs; players received all three of these.

Easter c22 groundbugs2
Easter c22 groundbugs2.png
Name Image
easter_c22_scarab2 name Easter c22 scarab2.png
easter_c22_ladybird2 name Easter c22 ladybird2.png
easter_c22_sawstagbeetle2 name Easter c22 sawstagbeetle2.png
Easter c22 groundbugs4
Easter c22 groundbugs4.png
Name Image
easter_c22_mantis2 name Easter c22 mantis2.png
easter_c22_goliathbeetle2 name Easter c22 goliathbeetle2.png
easter_c22_caterpillar2 name Easter c22 caterpillar2.png
Easter c22 aerialbugs2
Easter c22 aerialbugs2.png
Name Image
easter_c22_morpho2 name Easter c22 morpho2.png
easter_c22_agrias2 name Easter c22 agrias2.png
easter_c22_dragonfly2 name Easter c22 dragonfly2.png

Apparel Bag

The Apparel Bag was achievable through both Bug Kits. It contained one of three clothing items.

Easter c22 apparelbag.png
Easter c22 apparelbag.png
Name Image Probability
clothing_ladybirdbag name Clothing ladybirdbag.png 45%
clothing_butterflyhair name Clothing butterflyhair.png 45%
clothing_snailfriend name Clothing snailfriend.png 10%

Room Bundles

Two new room bundles were released during this campaign.

Whilst the following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


Easter Gift Calendar

With the launch of this campaign came a new Easter gift calendar. Users who logged on each day would receive a free gift; this being either an item of previously released furniture, Builders Club, Habbo Club, Credits or Duckets.