January 2024

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January 2024
Release date: January 2024
Season: New Year
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Chocolate Emporium
Next Campaign:
The Last Ice Of Winter

January 2024 refers to the Habbo campaign that ran throughout January of 2024[1]. As the first campaign of the year, it saw the release of new rares, a new item of credit furniture and the re-release of multiple room bundles. As has previously been seen in January campaigns, new Chinese New Year items were released into the catalogue; this year celebrating the year of the dragon.


Chinese New Year

Two new furniture items and one new clothing ensemble were released during January for the Chinese New Year. This year being the Year of the Dragon, a regular and gold version of a Chinese dragon statue were made available for purchase, and a dragon-themed outfit was also released for sale.

Name Image
Dragon Statue
Golden Dragon Statue
Lunar Dragon Outfit


Diamond Gift Box 3.0

The Diamond Gift Box 3.0 was re-released during this campaign.

Name Image Probability
Diamond Feather Crown 1%
Diamond Turban 2%
Diamond Halo 5%
Elegant Ponytail 7%
Pompom Beanie 7.5%
Leather Hoodie 7.5%
Bee T-Shirt 7.5%
Sports Shades 7.5%
Golden Toilet 9%
Gym Treadmill 9%
Jetski 9%
Black Coffee Table 9%
High Backed Chesterfield 9%
Painter's Set 10%

Sao Paulo Cat Mask

On January 26, an alternative version of the Ancient Cat Mask (given out during the Tombs of Egypt campaign]] was released on the .com hotel. This item had previously been given out on Habbo.com.br after a real life party event[2] taking place in Sao Paulo itself.

For this release, the mask was available only through the web shop at a cost of £5.98 - unlike most web shop releases however, this mask is not marked as genuinely "rare" - it has a regular yellow tag rather than the red tags usually given to Rare Clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Sao Paulo Cat Mask


Five new rares were released during this campaign; two of these were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
H-Tuber Chair
Koala Carrier
Whippet Statue
Faded Bun

Book of Habbo Knowledge

Name Image Badge
Book of Habbo Knowledge II

Credit Furniture

A new item of Limited Edition credit furniture was released for this campaign. This was the Golden Douche; it was sold for 750 Credits and could be redeemed for the same amount.

Name Image
Golden Douche

Room Bundles

One new room bundle was released during this campaign.

  • Year of the Dragon Bundle

The following room bundles were re-released during this campaign.