Easter Garden

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Easter Garden
Release date: March 2018
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Valentine's 2018
Next Campaign:
Movie Madness

Easter Garden was the Easter campaign and furniture range that was released on Habbo throughout March of 2018[1].

Alongside the new campaign items, older Easter furniture ranges reappeared in the catalogue under the section Easter Comeback. The furniture line was inspired by the garden during Springtime, focusing mainly on conservatories rather than the outdoors.

New rares, a new crafting system, new clothing items and room bundles were also released throughout the month. Previously released pets were once again made available to purchase throughout the month. The mini crafting system entitled Friendship Fusion was also launched during this campaign.


Catalogue Furniture

As a part of this campaign, a new range of furniture was released into the catalogue.

Name Image Name Image
Lemon Tree Conservatory Fan
Conservatory Heater Easter Fawn
Tricycle Conservatory Coffee Table
Conservatory Chair Conservatory Curtains
Hanging Plant Indoor Tomato Plant
Recycling Bin Washing Line
Garden Pet Hutch Chia Plants
Glass Door Conservatory Wall
Conservatory Wall Corner Conservatory Floor
Dragonflies Shelf Plants
Garden Birch Lil' Dancing Plant
Wooden Garden Animals Conservatory Radio
Ivy Beam Ivy Beam Lights
Stacked Plants Pile of Slate
Conservatory Tea Set Box Planter


Six new clothing items were released into the catalogue as part of this campaign.

Name Image
Wavy Braids
Floppy Side Parter
Sunny Day Satchel
Sunny Day Shades
Tied Up Top
Sun Hat


During this campaign, new pets were also added to the catalogue, some of which had previously been available for purchase during other campaigns.

Name Image
Obbah Wobbah


Four new rares were released throughout this campaign, two of which were wearable items, whereas the other two were furniture items.

Name Image Badge
Bunny Hat
Mammoth Bunny
Bunny Mask
Bonzai Fountain

Limited Edition Rare

On March 15th, the Butterfly Habberge Egg was released as a Limited Edition Rare. This item was available to purchase for 750 Credits each; there were 132 units released, all of which sold out within minutes.

Name Image Badge
Butterfly Habberge Egg


Habbos could plant seeds and water them using the Watering Can effect. Each seed would grow into one of four coloured plants and could be watered multiple times to change colour. Overwatering the plants would make them turn into a Grubby Weed. The seeds were only obtainable via the purchase of one of the Easter Garden room bundles. The colours of the plants were unknown to the player until they had been watered sufficiently. Along with the growth of these plants, players could gain a set of new achievements.

Watering Can Effect
Name Image
Rose Seeds
Pink Rose Patch
Blue Rose Patch
White Rose Patch
Mixed Rose Patch
Tulip Seeds
Blue Tulip Patch
Red Tulip Patch
Ochre Tulip Patch
Mixed Tulip Patch
Snowdrop Seeds
Pink Snowdrop Patch
White Snowdrop Patch
Purple Snowdrop Patch
Mixed Snowdrop Patch
Lupin Seeds
Cream Lupin Patch
Pink Lupin Patch
Blue Lupin Patch
Mixed Lupin Patch
Grubby Weed

Room Bundles

The following new Easter themed room bundles were released during this campaign; all of which contained exclusive plant seed packets which could be used as a part of the campaign crafting system.

The following bundles was re-released during this campaign.


Easter Egg Hunt

Toward the end of the month Habbo launched a new Easter event, the Easter Egg Hunt[2]. All players who completed this event would receive an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Upon completion, players would also received a red Tortoise.

Name Image
Red Tortoise

Friendship Fusion

Main Article: Friendship Fusion

During the Easter Garden campaign, a new crafting system under the title of Friendship Fusion was launched[3]. Players with older accounts were able to purchase Old Timer Ducks, whereas those with newer accounts could only purchase New Timer Ducks. The aim of this was that both older and newer players would share ingredients to enable all players to craft all four available items.