Jurassic Habbo

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Jurassic Habbo
Release date: June 2015
Season: Summer
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Army Bootcamp
Next Campaign:
Habbo 15

Jurassic Habbo was a Habbo campaign that ran throughout June 2015. The campaign introduced a new furniture line, four new rares, two Limited Edition Rares, and brand new pets into the hotel. Once the campaign ended, the new furniture were removed from the Catalogue but remains in the Builders Club catalogue. The furniture was made available in the catalogue again in April 2018 as a part of the Movie Madness campaign.


Catalogue Furniture

A new line of furniture was released along with this campaign, it was released into the catalogue along with the launch of the campaign and was removed at the end of the campaign; however it has remained in the Builders Club since its release.

Name Image Name Image
Dusty Grass Floor Three-toed Dino Footprint
Jurassic Wall Piece Electric Fence
Electric Fence Corner Electric Fence Gate
Brown Earth Blocks Hot Spring Teleport
Leafy Crawler Dock Leaf Bush
Monkey Puzzle Tree Ginkgos Tree
Cycad Plant Dilophosaurus
Mossy Log Rib Bone Archway
Jumbo Rocks Tiny Rocks
Rock Table Lava Geyser
Baby Dino Nest


A selection of new clothing items were released in line with this campaign.

Name Image
Dino Onesie
Cave Dweller Outfit
Skull Hat
Dinosaur Hat
Cave Dweller Shirt
Cave Dweller Hair


Five new rares were released during this campaign; all of which were fossils that were covered with a sheet upon purchase.

Name Image Badge
Archaeopteryx Fossil
Triceratops Fossil
Raptor Fossil
Plesiosaurus Fossil
Ammonoidea Fossil

Bonus Rares

Two new bonus rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image
Amber Saber-Toothed Duck
Amber Dung Beetle

Limited Edition Rares

Two new Limited Edition Rares were released throughout this campaign.

Name Image Badge
T-Rex Bone Throne
Jurassic Meganeura LTD


The Pterodactyl and Velociraptor pets were introduced to the hotel as part of the campaign.

Name Image


Baby Dino Playground Competition

During this campaign, a competition was launched that asked players to design a room that would act as a playground to baby dinosaurs.

The winner of the competition was announced as Undercover.[1].

The 14 runners up were:

  • sofie372
  • EliteChris.
  • happy!
  • Edmond
  • dolphingirl99945
  • Dimn
  • soccermaniac999
  • Blekan
  • jj9090
  • Kenny1111
  • xTrap
  • LQQL
  • Wretched.Witch
  • audemars

Dino Lab Room Comp

Another building competition was launched for the campaign, that asked players to design a dinosaur laboratory fit for a palaeontologist.

The winner of this competition was CaseyColleen[2].

The runners up were as follows:

  • Priorities
  • TheIrinaBlue
  • jasean94
  • Humprey.
  • KiKi-1628
  • Srif
  • Michaels
  • audemars
  • matt2205
  • dolphingirl99945
  • DiscoSign
  • Pulx
  • SilentTone
  • AnnkatrineMagi