The Last Ice Of Winter

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The Last Ice Of Winter
Release date: February 2024
Season: Valentines
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
January 2024
Next Campaign:
Dragonfly Farmstead

The Last Ice Of Winter refers to the Habbo campaign that ran throughout February of 2024[1]. The second campaign of the year, The Last Ice Of Winter saw the release of a new collectible hat series, 5 new rares, an item of LTD credit furni, and the release of a brand new room bundle alongside a handful of re-releases. There was also a special community task based around celebrations for the Year of the Dragon, making use of Achievements.


The Hat Series

8 new clothing items were released during February. These were available to purchase in the catalogue for a couple of days at a time through the month to complete a set, and users buying at least one of each received a Snowman Backpack as an additional reward.

Name Available Image Badge
Seal Trapper Hat 01 - 03 Feb
Dog Trapper Hat 06 - 08 Feb
Bear Bucket Hat 08 - 10 Feb
Heart Beret 13 - 15 Feb
Raccoon Trapper Hat 15 - 17 Feb
Fish Beanie 20 - 22 Feb
Owl Beanie 22 - 24 Feb
Cat Beanie 27 - 29 Feb
Name Image Badge
Snowman Backpack


Five new rares were released during this campaign; three of these were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Hooded Hair
Revealing Swimsuit
Frozen Tree
Ice Fairy
Large Puffer Jacket

Credit Furniture

A new item of Limited Edition credit furniture was released for this campaign. This was the Gold Isometric Cube.

Name Image
Gold Isometric Cube

Love Lock

Set as a special release on February 14th (Valentine's Day), Habbo created a new style of Love Lock designed to look cold when alone but cute and bouncy once used by two friends (or more than friends!)

Name Image
Cold Heart Lovelock (unused)
Cold Heart Lovelock (used)

Valentines 2024 Offer

As part of an offer Habbo also brought back the Cute Toast Backpack for wider distribution, which was originally given out through various social media interactions during the Autumn Fashion Shoot campaign in September 2023. Whether a Habbo was offered Deal 1 or Deal 2 was determined based on the account's spending history.

Name Image
Cute Toast Backpack
Deal 1 Deal 2
Cost 109 Credits + 109 Diamonds Cost 199 Credits + 199 Diamonds
1 Month of Habbo Club 3 Months of Habbo Club
Bronze Coin (x70) Bronze Coin (x80)
Cute Toast Backpack Cute Toast Backpack (x3)
Romantic Chair Romantic Chair (x2)
Chilled Bubblejuice Chilled Bubblejuice
Romantic Table Accessory Romantic Table Accessory
Heart Sofa
Cupid Statue
Red Carpet (x2)

Everyone who purchased either of these deals received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 616 users have this badge.

Room Bundles

One new room bundle was released during this campaign.

  • NEW Freezing Cold 2 part Bundle

The following room bundles were re-released during this campaign.

Lunar New Year Challenge

Between 08 and 29 February Habbos were each eligible to receive a free Lunar Challenge Statue[2], allowing a task to be set where the user needs to reach a specific level in a range of Achievements. Completion of a set task before 29 February would lock the statue in to its completed state, displaying a plume of fire and the badge achieved. Tasks uncompleted by the end date would result in a "withered" version of the statue.

Additional tasks could be completed by purchasing a Jade Lunar Challenge Statue for 9 Credits and 10 Diamonds each.

Lunar Challenge Statue
Unactivated Activated Completed Failed

Those completing the community challenge received February's prize furniture, the Obsidian Otter.

Obsidian Otter