Tropical Thailand

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Tropical Thailand
Release date: June 2021
Season: Summer
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Curious Antiques
Next Campaign:
Habbo Pride Festival

Tropical Thailand is the Summer campaign that ran throughout June of 2021[1]. The campaign saw the release of a new water-based furniture line, new clothing items, new rares, a new Limited Edition Rare and new room bundles. With the launch of the campaign, previous water-themed lines Bensalem, Coco, Coral Kingdom and Pool were re-released into the catalogue.

The campaign items were first revealed during a livestream that was hosted by Habbo staff with the intent of showing off the newest line[2]. During this livestream, codes were given out to lucky winners that could be redeemed for the new clothing items.


Catalogue Furniture

A new line of water-themed furniture was released in line with this campaign.

Name Image Name Image
Dish of Candles Mangrove Crab
Pungent Market Fruits Delicious Street Food
Grassy Lagoon Patch Stilt House Walkaway
Stilt House Platform Angled Railings
Stilt House Wall Stilt House Arch
Slilt House Roof Block Stilt House Roof
Paddle Canoe Paddle Canoe Seat
Paddle Canoe Section Perfect Lagoon Water
Decorative Closet Seat Varnished Thai Table
Straw Ceiling Lamp Traditional Thai Stove
Pillow Stack Mangrove Tree
Thai Market Stall Lagoon Crag
Paradise Found


The following two clothing items were included in this campaign; both of which were given away for free to lucky winners during a live stream building session that took place prior to the campaign's release.

Name Image
Bamboo Hat
Thai Lei


Two new crackable items were released throughout the month in 24 hour windows, this being the Wood Carving Set and the Traditional Outfit Chest. Both could be purchased from the catalogue, however the outfit chest could also be redeemed from the wood carving set.

The Wood Carving Set was released during this campaign; once cracked, players would receive one of four wooden furniture items.

Name Image Probability
Ornate Carved Table 24%
Carved Wooden Sofa 24%
Traditional Thai Statue 24%
Meticulously Carved Wardrobe 24%
Traditional Outfit Chest 4%

Along with this, a crackable Traditional Outfit Chest was also released.

Name Image Probability
Royal Thai Bun 25%
Thai Scarf Hat 25%
Royal Robe 25%
Traditional Thai Suit 25%


Four new rares were released during this campaign; two of these being clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Muay Thai Outfit
Endangered Pangolin
Aranya the Elephant
Sacred Lagoon Tree

The Golden Goose Egg, a new piece of Limited Edition Credit Furni was made available during this campaign. It was available to purchase for a price of 500 Credits and could be redeemed at any time for the same amount.

Name Image
Golden Goose Egg

Limited Edition Rare

One new Limited Edition Rare was released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Gold Leaf God

Room Bundles

The following bundles were newly released during this campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


A new offer was released at the beginning of this campaign for the Summer season. Players could purchase either deal 1 or deal 2; whichever one was offered to users was dependent on their usual spending habits.

Deal 1 Deal 2
Cost 109 Credits and 109 Diamonds Cost 199 Credits and 199 Diamonds
Bronze Coins (x70) Bronze Coins (x85)
Orange Squid Hat Orange Squid Hat (x3)
Coal Ice Cream Stand Coal Ice Cream Stand
Sailor Sweater Sailor Sweater
Catfish Catfish
School of Clownfish School of Clownfish
1 month of Habbo Club Bobba Tea Stand
Lake Plunger Bikini
Tropical Fish
3 months of Habbo Club

Both versions of this deal included at least one unit of the following exclusive piece of clothing.

Name Image
Orange Squid Hat

All users who purchased either deal also received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 371 users have this badge.


Summer Gift Calendar

With the launch of this campaign came a new Summer gift calendar. Users who logged on each day would receive a free gift; this being either an item of previously released Summer furniture, Builders Club, Habbo Club, Credits or Duckets.

Welcome to Tropical Thailand!

At the same time as the campaign launch, a new room showcasing the campaign items was opened in the hotel. Upon interacting with a Cabbage Stall players could receive a free gift in the form of an Emerald Capybara.

Name Image
Emerald Capybara

Habbo's Next Top Habbo Competition

A competition was launched during this campaign that aimed to name Habbo's Next Top Habbo (HNTH); an updated version of the competition to name a Habbo President that has taken place in previous years.[3]. Users who entered the competition were required to enter an idea for a live event. Upon entry, entrants had to detail their idea for a live event, explain why and how they came to this idea, and why they think they are HNTH. These answers would be published along with the announcement of the top ten candidates; who then would have to complete a series of challenges that would include a voting process to find a winner.

10 Initial Candidates

The top ten entrants were announced on June 8th and began building the rooms for their live events; meanwhile an article was published each day detailing the ideas of two candidates. The live event rooms were then be posted publicly into the navigator allowing players to visit each room and vote for their favourite.

All top ten candidates also received an exclusive badge, the top ten were announced as[4]:

  • abegail
  • AnisMs7
  • Kwl
  • Eyedris
  • arkidd_
  • Hanna.Yeap
  • Exposed
  • MyWayUpToTheTop
  • Zhake
  • SNLgirl

Top 6

Following the reveal of the top 10 entrants' live event rooms, the vote was opened and all players were invited to vote for their top six.

The top six competitors were announced as the following[5]:

  • Exposed (30.9%)
  • Kwl (20.3%)
  • Hanna.Yeap (18.9%)
  • Eyedris (11.2%)
  • Zhake (10.0%)
  • abegail (8.6%)

Final 3

Following the live celebrity impression event, the vote was once again opened to allow players to vote for a top three.

The top 3 were later announced as:

  • Kwl (34.4%)
  • Exposed (27.8%)
  • Hanna.Yeap (19.6%)

The final three received an exclusive badge and one month of Habbo Club.


Following the announcement of the final three, the HNTH Room Competition was launched and the winning entry from that competition was used as a set for a photoshoot that the final three took part in. These images and/or videos were released and the vote was once again opened; this time with the aim of crowning a winner.

The overall winner was announced as Exposed, and the division of votes was as follows[6]:

  • Exposed (44.2%)
  • Kwl (37.5%)
  • Hanna.Yeap (18.3%)

Following the announcement of the winner, their live event would be hosting on the week commencing 5th July.

The winner of the competition would receive an exclusive badge, one month of Builders Club and a trophy; along with hosting their live event alongside Habbo staff.

Badge Name
Habbo's Next Top Habbo Top 10 2021
Habbo's Next Top Habbo 2021 Top 6

Habbo's Next Top Habbo Badge Competition!

Alongside the competition to become the "Next Top Habbo", another competition was launched which asked players to design a badge that would be used and awarded to participant of the former competition[7]. Those who took part were asked to design one badge in five different colour combinations; all accepted entries received an exclusive badge and a Jade Capybara. Five runners up also received 14 days of Habbo Club, while the winner of the competition received 14 days of Habbo Club and a Thai Temple Bundle; as well as their design being used in the HNTH competition.

Name Image
Jade Capybara

The winner of the competition was named as caprikatze.

The five runners up were:

  • ExtraKen
  • UnderCover.
  • Bucketheadland
  • asia-g
  • Zwendel977
Badge Name
I entered a Habbo's Next Top Habbo 2021 Competition

HNTH Poster Competition

Another competition was launched alongside the ongoing Habbo's Next Top Habbo competition, which asked users to design a poster to promote HNTH[8]. Everyone who entered the competition received an exclusive badge and a Jade Capybara, whereas the fiver runners up received 14 days of Habbo Club. As well as these prizes, the winner would also receive a Floating Market Bundle.

The winner of the competition was announced as 3Charms.[9].

While the five runners up were as follows:

  • Jeca-tatu
  • abegail
  • asia-g
  • LColds
  • Swaggalicious
Badge Name
Habbo's Next Top Habbo Poster Competition!

HNTH Room Competition

The next competition that was launched asked players to design a room that would act as a set for a photoshoot, specifically one that used items from the Tropical Thailand furniture line[10]. All entries received an exclusive badge and a Jade Capybara. Five runners up received 14 days of Builders Club, while the winner received a month of Builders Club as well as having their room used for the photoshoot round of the ongoing HNTH competition.

The winner was announced as Jeca-tatu[11].

The five runners up were as follows:

  • arkidd_
  • OdeyasH
  • Owachato1
  • 2.40pm
  • 3charms.
Badge Name
Habbo's Next Top Habbo Room Competition!

TTH Events

[TTH] Thai Palace

Towards the beginning of the month a new game was launched in-client which showcased the new campaign's line of furniture. The game saw players visit the Wat Traimit temple, in Bangkok, home of the Golden Buddha; the series of rooms allowed players to bring offerings to the buddha to show their respect. Upon successful completion of all rooms, plays would receive one of three furniture items from the campaign's collection - this being either the Pillow Stack, Delicious Street Food or Pugent Market Fruits.

Name Image
Pillow Stack
Delicious Street Food
Pugent Market Fruits

Successful players also received two exclusive badges.

Badge Name
Looking for offerings for the Golden Buuddha
Wat Traimit Temple's Golden Buddha

[TTH] Jungle Trekking

A second Thai-themed game was launched into the client which allowed players to explore the nature of Thailand. It consisted of a series of five rooms, each of which had a different game that got Habbos to take photographs of animals around Thailand, including gorillas, bats and butterflies. Upon successful completion, players would earn two exclusive badges and an Emerald Capybara.

Badge Name
Discovering Thailand's Wildlife!
Habbo Holidays 2021!

[TTH] Elephant Nature Park

The next game in the [TTH] event series was the Elephant Nature Park, in which players would assist nature park staff in caring for the elephants. Upon completion of the game, players would receive an exclusive badge along with a free furniture item from the campaign; either a Straw Lamp or a Varnished Thai Table.

Badge Name
Volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park!

Happy Pride Month!

As June is internationally celebrated as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a one-room game was launched in-client on Habbo to celebrate the occasion. Players had to step on banzai teleporters until being lucky enough to land on the correct banzai that would earn them a badge.

Badge Name
Happy Pride Month!