Day Of The Dead

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Day Of The Dead
Release date October 2014
Season Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally) MarketPlace

The Day Of The Dead (Habboween 2014) furniture range was added on 17th October 2014, just days after the Habboween event officially began on the 8th. This range consisted of 43 different items in total, three of them being exclusive to Habbo Club members. Three mask effects soon followed the release. Ten rare dolls were released during the campaign for 24 hours each. Each doll came with a badge and an addition badge was awarded to those who bought the full set.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Black Adobe Wall Black Adobe Wall.png
Black Adobe Corner Black Adobe Corner.png
Black Adobe Skull Gate Black Adobe Skull Gate.png
Black Adobe Divider Black Adobe Divider.png
Mariachi Skeleton Mariachi Skeleton.png
Day of the Dead Altar Piece Day of the Dead Altar Piece Amigo.png
Day of the Dead Altar Piece Day of the Dead Altar Piece.png
Day of the Dead Altar Piece Day of the Dead Cowboy Altar Piece.png
La Ofrenda La Ofrenda.png
Habboween Grub Habboween Grub.png
Flower Garland Flower Garland.png
Melting Candles Melting Candles.png
Table Candle Table Candle.png
Cranial lamp Cranial Lamp.png
Ornate Skull Flowerpot Ornate Skull Flowerpot.png
Skele Skele.png
Day of the Dead Votive Day of the Dead Votive.png
Skull Rug Skull Rug.png
Skull Stained Glass Skull Stained Glass.png
Floral Stained Glass Floral Stained Glass.png
Deluxe Coffin Bed Deluxe Coffin Bed.png
Skull Mirror Skull Mirror.png
Lamancha Goat Lamancha Goat.png
Hand Carved Mexican Chair Hand Carved Mexican Chair.png
Floral Bench Floral Bench.png
Hand Carved Mexican Table Hand Carved Mexican Table.png
Skull Bed Skull Bed.png
Skull Granite Floor Skull Granite Floor.png
Colorful Coffin Colorful Coffin.png
Demon Goat Demon Goat.png
Skull in the Box Skull in the box.png
Muerto Music Box Muerto Music Box.png
Fiesta Wooden Horse Fiesta Wooden Horse.png


Ten dolls were released throughout the campaign for 24 hours each. Once the 24 hours were over, they were removed and the badge could no longer be obtained. However, the rares could still be obtained if bought from the MarketPlace. All dolls were sold for 12 Credits, you can view the rare value for each doll at the Habbox Rare Values

Name Image Badge
Mariachi Doll Mariachi Doll.png XMH11.gif
Catrina Doll Catrina Doll.png XMH12.gif
Dressed to the nines Doll Dressed to the nines doll.png XMH13.gif
Habbo Boy Habbo Boy.png XMH14.gif
Tattooed Skeleton Tattooed Skeleton.png XMH15.gif
Lucha Libre Lucha Libre.png XMH16.gif
Habbo Girl Hween14 doll7.png XMH17.gif
Punk Rock Punk Rock Doll.png XMH18.gif
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper Doll.png XMH19.gif
Skeleton Cat Skeleton Cat Doll.png XMH20.gif

All users who collected all ten dolls received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 293 Habbos have this badge.

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Badge
Day of the Dead Altar Day of the Dead Altar.png MXH29.gif

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