Neo-Habbo Revisited

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Neo-Habbo Revisited
Release date: September 2020
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Habbo 20
Next Campaign:
Impossible House

Neo-Habbo Revisited is the Habbo campaign that ran throughout September 2020[1]. The campaign was a revival of the Neo-Habbo campaign that was released in March of 2015. The revisited campaign added new rares and collectible clothing items that that follow Neo-Habbo's futuristic, sci-fi theme.


Catalogue Furniture

The following Autumnal furniture was released into the catalogue during the Neo-Habbo Revisited campaign and was featured in the Autumnal Days Bundle. Although it was released within this campaign, the furniture itself was released under its own tab: 'Autumnal Trees!', without the old Neo-Habbo furniture. The Autumnal trees are recolours of existing trees, whereas the Autumnal Park Bench and Hanging Bird Feeder are new items.

Name Image Name Image
Autumnal Park Bench BENCH.gif Hanging Bird Feeder Autumn c20 birdfood.gif
Autumnal Ash Tree Autumn c20 tree1.png Bendy Birch Tree Autumn c20 tree2.png
Tall Fall Tree Autumn c20 tree3.png Autumnal Cedar Tree Autumn c20 tree4.png
Autumnal Bird Tree Autumn c20 tree5.png Autumnal Branching Tree Autumn c20 tree6.png


Eight collectible cyberpunk themed clothing items were released over the month. Each one came with a badge.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Cyberpunk Visor Clothing cyhelmet.png 01 September CBP15.png
Cyberpunk Battle Armour Clothing cychest.png 04 September CBP22.png
Loc Buns Clothing cybuns.png 08 September CBP17.png
Cyberpunk Striders Clothing cylegs.png 10 September CBP19.png
Cyberpunk Sneakers Clothing cytrainers.png 15 September CBP16.png
Gas Mask Clothing cygasmask.png 17 September CBP18.png
Cyberpunk Holo Lens Clothing cyeyepiece.png 22 September CBP21.png
Cyberpunk Fins Clothing cyfins.png 24 September CBP20.png

Everyone who collected all eight pieces of clothing also received a bonus badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 677 Habbos have this badge.


Name Image Badge
Cybernetic Faceplate Cybernetic Faceplate.png CBP12.png
Cyberpunk Robo-Wings Clothing r20 cyborgwings.png CBP11.png
VR Machine VR Machine.png CBP13.png
Autumnal Wishing Pond AutumnalPondANIM.gif CBP14.png
Vintage Armchair Rare royalchair.gif CBP29.png

Along with these rares, a new piece of Limited Edition Credit Furni was released; it was available to purchase for 250 Credits and could be exchanged at any time for the same amount.

Name Image
Luxurious Watch CF 250 fancywatch.png

Room Bundles

The following new bundle was released during this campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.



It's the year 3000 on Habbatica and its citizens are celebrating the Neo-lympics. Will you be their champion?

When the Neo-Habbo Revisited campaign was officially launched on September 2nd, a new room was opened during a Live Event called Habbatica (a portmanteau of the words Habbo and Chromatica, the new Lady GaGa album). Players could enter the Main Hub and go through the Mall Teleports to play a new game every 3 or 4 days with the last game, Galaxy Gladiators, being the hardest of them all. There were four badges in total to be won.

The games were:

  • Space Soldiers
  • Cosmo Craziness
  • Galaxy Gladiators
Badge Name Badge Name
US148.png Neo-lympics: Rockin Robos Champion US146.png Neo-lympics: Space Soldiers Champion
US145.png Neo-lympics: Cosmo Craziness Champion US147.png Neo-lympics: Galaxy Gladiators Champion

Neo-Habbo - Lights Out!

Aside from the Habbatica games, players could play another game called Neo-Habbo - Lights Out!. Habbos had to go through four different levels in order to win a badge.

  • Level 1 - City with a Mission - Players had go through a parkour of Tiles with a Halo and Greek Seats while beating a 30-second timer.
  • Level 2 - Robo Rats Gone Mad! - A maze kind of game where players had go to the other side of the maze while avoiding RoboRats.
  • Level 3 - Darkness All Around - Players had to fix a broken Floor Wiring line by flicking switches and walking over some floor wiring. When this was done, another pair of Floor Switches spawned in and players had to flick those to get teleported for the next level.
  • Level 4 - Faulty Drivers! - The last level, players had to walk over a color tiles path and use One Way Gates to step on yellow tiles in order to move a Faulty Warp Drive towards color tiles. The difficulty was that seats were placed under the color tiles where players had to walk so you had to be quick to complete the game.
Badge Name
CBP24.png System Overload!

Twitter Competition

Habbos could compete in a Room Building competition from September 7th to September 13th. Habbos had to build their dream cyber metropolis and had to post that on twitter with the mention @Habbo and the hashtag #Habbocyber in order to participate. The top five won an Alien Metropolis Bundle and a badge, ten runners up won just the badge.

Badge Name
CBP28.png Sci-fi Competition

Autumnal Room Competition

On September 23, Habbos were ask to create a six by six room (36 tiles) and make their own 'autumnal bench scene' with their own story attached[2]. The room needed to contain at least two of the new trees and atleast one Autumnal Park Bench. Winners who end up in the top 3 received Staff Pick, one month of Builders Club and a special badge. Ten runners-up would also received Staff Pick, 14 days of Builders Club and a special badge. All entries would receive a badge and a Jasper Seal.

Players could 'think outside the box' since this room competition also happened during the Neo-Habbo Revisited campaign, players could build autumnal scenes from outer space or other planets as well.

The top 3 runners up of this competition were[3]:

  • teeheeme!
  • beanuwiwu
  • Coboye
Badge Name Badge Name
FI411.png Autumnal Bench Scene Competition! PT989.png Autumnal Bench Scene Finalist!