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Release date: April 2009

The Habbo Mall or just Mall was a project Habbo created in 2009 to attract advertisers. The mall was created so that advertisers could have a new way to advertise inside Habbo. Normally advertisers used the billboards in the old Public Rooms or Branded Furniture ranges. But this time they could show off their products in a form of a "shop" inside a virtual mall. Especially for this project a new furniture range was created.

The Mall furniture range was only available inside the Habbo Mall. The first lot of Mall items were spotted on April 1st 2009 on Habbo UK and the range expanded overtime as the Mall grew in size. The only Mall item ever given out to users was a single Mall tele-door (given out to some room building competition winners and some Fansites). Two branded Mall items were also added at a later date.

As of 2021, the account that owned the Habbo Mall rooms has been deleted, and the rooms are no longer available to visit.


Name Image
Quick Coffee Stop
Mall Lift
Mall Kiosk
Mall tele-door
Habbo Mall Furni Window
Habbo Mall Window Beauty Salon Window
Habbo Mall Ice Cream Parlour Window
Habbo Mall Cinema Window
Habbo Mall Music Window
Habbo Mall Pet Shop Window
Habbo Mall Window
Bubble Juice Can
Bubble Juice Logo
Bubble Juice Floor


Two duplicates of the Mall furniture were released in the Hot Furni section of the catalogue in June 2020. While they look the same as the original Mall furniture, they have different names.

Name Image
Mall Tele-door
Habbo Mall Kiosk