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Release date: Throughout 2021
Available from: Habbo Competitions

The Capybara items are a range of furniture that were obtained by taking part or winning Habbo competitions throughout 2021, similar to previous competition furni including the Seals (2020), Pandas (2019), Tortoises (2018), Hedgehogs (2017), Sloths (2016) and Hippos (2015).


Similar to the Tortoises, Pandas and the Sloths, 15 colours have been uploaded to Habbo's image database.

Name Image Release Date How to Obtain
Ruby Capybara January
Live quiz event[1]
Black History Month Looks competition[2]
Suggesting a theme for the live build off[3]
Tan Capybara February Safer Internet Day event (SID's Help Center)
Citrine Capybara March Women's Day 13 Furnis Competition[4]
Amethyst Capybara April "Funny Bunny" in-client game
Easter Bunny Village in-client event
Turquoise Capybara April Habbo Fashion Design Competition[5]
Emerald Capybara June "Welcome to Tropical Thailand" in-client room
"[TTH] Jungle Trekking" in-client game
"[TTH] Canoe Ride" in-client game
"[TTH] The Stolen Souvenier" in-client game
Jade Capybara June Habbo's Next Top Habbo Badge Competition![6]
Habbo's Next Top Habbo Poster Competition![7]
Habbo's Next Top Habbo Room Competition! [8]
Aquamarine Capybara August "[VWG] Dumpster Diving" in-client game
Sapphire Capybara October "[HYS] Misty Mountain" in-client game
Pearl Capybara December "[HEC] Welcome to the Habbo Express!" in-client game
Arctic Capybara December "Christmas is Coming!"
Tanzanite Capybara December "12 Days of Safety" Safety Conference Live Event
Obsidian Capybara
Jasper Capybara
Rhodochrosite Capybara
Total Capybaras 15