Messy Room

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Messy Room
Release date: 4 January 2020
Available from: MarketPlace

The Messy Room is a bundle exclusive furniture line released in January 2021 through the Messy Room Bundle. It was the first new furniture line to be released on the new Unity Client in Habbo 2020. It is a very different approach to typical Habbo furniture, as instead of sleek designs and straight angles, Habbo staff designed a more messier, wonkier look and diagonal angles.


Name Image Name Image
Messy Clothes Pile Forgotten Vase
Messy Kitchen Corner Messy Kitchenette
Messy Bed Messy Closet
Messy Drawers Messy Side Table
Messy Rug Messy Sofa
Worn Wall Worn Carpet
Messy Chair Crooked Door Mat
Crooked Lamp Messy Low Table
Messy Table Crooked Wall Hangings
Messy Hi-Fi Step Ladder
Messy Footwear Filled Trash Bags
Messy Letters Old Magazines