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Habbo has a lot of untradeable furniture, so here is a list of all the untradeable furniture on the hotels. This list excludes the starter room (with Pixel furniture, area bed and poinsetta) and rental furniture.

Furniture by line


Main Article: Accessories

Name Image
Stickie Pole
Pad of Stickies

American Idol

Main Article: American Idol

Name Image
American Idol Flat Screen
American Idol Jukebox
American Idol Trax Machine


Main Article: Base

Pretty much all the Base furniture is untradeable, except for the Floors.

Name Image
Base Beds
Base Carpets
Base Chairs
Base Clocks
Base Lights
Base Paintings
Base Plants
Base Small Tables
Base Tables
Base Walls
Base Mirror
Base mirror
Base mirror
Base Wall Decoration
Base wall decoration
Base wall decoration
Blue Couch
Green Couch (non-tradeable)
Pink Couch (non-tradeable)

Black Base

Name Image
Base Bed
Base bed
Base bed
Base Carpet
Base carpet
Base carpet
Base Chair
Base chair
Base chair
Base Clock
Base Clock
Base Clock
Base Light
Base Light
Base Light
Base Painting
Base Painting
Base Painting
Base Plant
Base Plant
Base Plant
Base Small Table
Base Small Table
Base Small Table
Base Table
Base Table
Base Table
Base Wall
Base Wall
Base Wall
Black Couch (non-tradeable)

Habbo Club & Club Shop

Name Image
HC Radio
HC Room Hopper

Pixel Furniture

Main article Pixels


Name Image
starter chair
starter rug
starter lamp
My first Habbo chair
My first Habbo rug
My first Habbo lamp
My first Habbo table
My first Habbo stool
Lucky Bamboo


The blue version is untradeable, however the red version is.

Name Image
Pixel Dining Chair
Pixel Lamp
Pixel Side Table
Pixel Sofa Chair
Pixel Dining Table
Pixel Sofa
Pixel Shag Rug


Trax Machines

Main article: Trax

All Trax machines and jukeboxes are untradeable. Although it's said that the Traxgold is tradeable.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Black Traxmachine
Blue Traxmachine
Sound Machine Brown
Green Traxmachine
Grey Traxmachine
Turquoise Traxmachine
Purple Traxmachine
Red Traxmachine
Sound Machine Pro


Furniture Name Furniture Image
Mega Jukebox


Some Clothing pieces are untradable. This list does not show the free twitter clothing.

Name Image
Two Year Crown
Five Year Crown
Ten Year Crown
Warper T shirt


Pets in general are untradeable since they function as NPC's (Non Playable Characters).

Pet Equipment

Main Article: Pet Equipment


Name Image
Regular Nest

Pet Food

Pet food that has been eaten from becomes untradable. It will still be in the same section of your inventory when you pick it up, but the amount of tradeable objects will be less then owned.

Name Image
Milk Bowl

Various Furniture

Heart Gifts

Main Article: Hearts

Name Image
Jelly Heart
Jelly Chair
Heart Nest
Heart Lights

Snowflake Gifts

Main Article: Snowflakes

Name Image
Santa Calendar
Blue Calendar
Pet Ice Lollies sf petfood.gif
Ballerina Penguin sf pballerina.gif
Hockey Penguin sf phockey.gif
Plain Icy Duck sf duck1.gif
Jolly Duck sf duck2.gif
Icy Bauble 1 sf bauble1.gif
Icy Bauble 2 sf bauble2.gif
Icy Bauble 3 sf bauble3.gif
Ice Star sf star.gif
Chilly Table sf table.gif
Bench #2 sf bench.gif
Pod Chair sf pod.gif
Stone sf divider.gif
Frozen Ted sf bear.gif
Cool Lupine sf lupine.gif
Monkey on Ice sf monkey.gif
Ice of the Tiger sf tiger.gif
Frozen Nest
Elephant Minibar sf minibar.gif
Frozen Fronds sf palm.gif
HC Duck sf hcduck.gif
VIP Duck sf vipduck.gif

Shell Gifts

Main Article: Seashells

Name Image
Blistering Barnacle
Star Fish
Sea Shell
Trumpet Shell
Clam Shell


Main Article: Penguins

Image Name
Emporer Penguin Emperor Penguin
  Executive Penguin Executive Penguin
 Infected Penguin Infected Penguin
  Clown Penguin Clown Penguin
Bunny Penguin Bunny Penguin
  Disco Penguin Disco Penguin
   Ballerina Penguin Ballerina Penguin
Magic Penguin Magic Penguin
   Beautiful Penguin Beautiful Penguin
  Musketeer Penguin Musketeer Penguin
  XC / Skii Penguin XC Penguin
  Pilot Penguin Pilot Penguin
 Hockey Penguin Hockey Penguin
  Summer Penguin Summer Penguin
   Cowboy Penguin
Cowboy Penguin
   Luchador Penguin Luchador Penguin
  Robot Penguin Robot Penguin
    Fluorescent Penguin Fluorescent Penguin
    Punk Penguin
Punk Penguin
    Skater Penguin Skater Penguin
Ninja Penguin Ninja Penguin
   Sumo Penguin Sumo Penguin
   Superhero Penguin
Superhero Penguin
   Christmas Penguin Christmas Penguin
   Boxing Penguin Boxer Penguin