Dessert Cafe

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Dessert Cafe
Release date: 11 September 2017
Available from: MarketPlace

Dessert Cafe is a range of furniture that was introduced in the Dessert Cafe Bundle. However, since the bundle's release, the furniture can no longer be purchased from the Catalogue or used with a Builders Club subscription - it can only be obtained by purchasing on the MarketPlace or by trading with players.


Name Image
Dessert Waitress Dress
Dessert Waitress Ribbon
Dessert Maid’s Boots
Cafe Armchair
Cafe Sofa
Cafe Floor
Cafe Rugs
Cafe Table
Cafe Coffee Table
Cafe Window Door
Cafe Shelf
Tea Plant
Mochi Plate
Froyo Plate
Doughnut Plate
Cream Roll Plate
Cafe Vase
Cafe Wall

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