Christmas 2007

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Release date December 2007
Season Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

Christmas 2007 brought out the competitive side of Habbo with battles commencing between four 'Christmas Bosses' each one introduced various items of furni that we have on the hotel today. In the battle nine new items came to the Catalogue and now are released almost each December every year! There were supposed to be ten new items released during this time but the 'Xmas Lights' as they were called then never made it into the Catalogue and instead were only spotted in Lost-Witness' room; they were eventually released in the range for Christmas 2008.

The Christmas 2007 range also saw a different take on the Summer 2007 furni with the Sandcastle Tower, Wall and Gate being recoloured to form an icy alternative! Not only does this range increase in value nearer the festive period some of it also comes in handy for other seasons of the year!


The following furniture were part of the range; The Snowy Mazy Shrubbery could also be bought in bundles of 10 and 20 pieces:

Name Image
Snowy Christmas Tree Snowy Christmas Tree.gif
Flashy Christmas tree Xmastree Flashy.gif
Reindeer Droppings Reindeer Droppings.gif
Ice Block Lantern Ice Block Lantern.gif
Snowy Maze Gate Snowy Maze Gate.gif
Snowy Maze Shrubbery Snowy Maze Shrubbery.gif
Snow Castle Gate Xmas07 SnowcastlegateAnim.gif
Snow Castle Tower Snow Castle Tower.gif
Snow Castle Wall Snow Castle Wall.gif
Santa's Sleigh Santa's Sleigh.gif

Rare Furniture

Name Image
Stuffed Reindeer StuffedReindeer.png

Christmas Contenders

Habbo introduced 4 Christmas contenders to host competitions and events. Normally habbo used Rasta.Santa for christmas but this time he was "gone" and these new santa's had to host the christmas competitions. At the end of december people could vote for their favorite Christmas contender. Smilla won this battle eventually

When Larry was introduced as fourth and last Christmas contender, The Santa's Sleigh was released. And the Stuffed Reindeer was released as Rare

  • The Stuffed Reindeer could also be won in his competition The Dodgy Christmas Workshop Competition.


Name Description Image
Xmas Smilla Badge You show support to Smilla. USE.gif
Xmas Larry Badge You show support to Larry. USF.gif
Xmas Mr. Sinister Badge You show support to Mr. Sinister. USG.gif
Xmas Santa.3000 Badge You show support to Santa.3000. USH.gif


XmasSticker anim 3000.gif Xmas smilla snowboard.gif Xmas snowlantern anim.gif Xmas strap horiz gold.gif Xmas strap horiz silve.gif Xmas strap vertical gold.gif Xmas strap vertical silver.gif Xmas tree costume.gif Xmas tree01 animated.gif Xmas xtree sticker.gif Xmaslights anim.gif Santa300AnimSleigh.gif


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