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Release date: December 2012
Season: New Year
Available from: Builders Club

Mayan was part of the 2012 New Years furniture range.

The set was especially made for the 2012 phenomenon "End of the world" where, to be said, the world would end on 21st of December 2012.

Alongside this range the New Year's Resolution 2013 challenge and furniture were released.


Name Image Motto
Mayan Building Block What would the Mayans build?
Mayan Calendar The end is... when?
Mayan Chair Take a seat, the world may end.
Mayan Clock Counting down to the end of the world!
Mayan Cup mmmm...
Mayan Floor In the footsteps of the... Mayans.
Mayan Wall Mayan Wall
Flaming Comet So close...

New Year's Resolution 2013

2012 was said to be "the end of the world" according to the mayan calendar. Habbo did it's part in this by releasing Mayan furniture as well as these resolutions which served as a furniture but also a challenge.

Habbo's could choose an achievement that they needed to succeed in order to make it shine above the furniture. If a habbo failed to make it in time, the furniture would be "destroyed" and remains as a ruin. If a player completed a resolution the achievement will shine above the resolution and serves now as a trophy with the date and name of the achievement on it.

Failed Resolution Resolution Unknown

Completed Resolution: Room Host III Trophy Discription

Torch Trophy

Although many people set the most easy achievement to get, some like a challenge and set an higher goal to achieve.

Habbo rewarded every habbo who joined the challenge, regardless of winning or losing, with a torch trophy.


  • The New Year's Resolutions 2013 are shaped like a mayan temple.