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Release date: February 2008

Habborella was a worldwide Habbo event spreading across all the active hotels in 2008 for Valentine's Day. The promotion included competitions as well as a new furniture range which would be a staple in Habbo's future Valentine's Day releases. The furniture is now classed as Love or Valentine's furniture as opposed to Habborella and some of the original range is now released each year.

The event saw 12 new items enter some hotels but not all. The UK hotel recevied very few Grey Sharebears which made them immediately Super Rares in that hotel. This soon changed as a mega deal saw the bear released at a giveaway price, thus rapidly reducing the original value. Most of the bears now are worth 1 or 2 credits.

The 12th item, the Love Randomizer became a Rare.

Furniture Range

Name Image Motto
Chocolate Who might these be for?
Blue Teddy Bear Fluffy luxury for your sweetheart or yourself
Yellow Teddy Bear Fluffy luxury for your sweetheart or yourself
Green Teddy Bear Fluffy luxury for your sweetheart or yourself
Brown Teddy Bear Fluffy luxury for your sweetheart or yourself
Pink Teddy Bear Fluffy luxury for your sweetheart or yourself
Grey Teddy Bear Fluffy luxury for your sweetheart or yourself
Magic Crystal Ball I can see into the future...
Porthole Such a nice view
Anchor Land Ahoy!
Life buoy Cool necklace.


Name Image Motto
Love Randomizer Love Randomizer

Story Line and Competitions

All Aboard!

On behalf of the entire crew, we welcome you aboard the Habborella love cruise. Please enjoy your stay!

Set sail on the ultimate cruise and discover the rocky and exciting seas of love! The Habbo Hotel has been transformed into the Habborella ship of love and we encourage you to start exploring the avenues of love and romance through relationships, dating, social activities and parties.

The Hotel Staff has left dry land for their new posts at sea. Your Habborella Crew is:

  • Loderse is the Captain and will also be performing Habbo Weddings.
  • CrestHawk is the Bar Manager & Chief Entertainer who manages the Habborella Love Deck.
  • Jandelee is the Chief Stewardess who manages the Habborella Passenger Deck and the Sun Deck.
  • NotMiceElf is the Habbarella doctor. Feeling a bit love sick? No problem. NotMiceElf is here to help!

The Catalog now offers a wide variety of Valentine's furni, including a few new items and the *new* RARE Love Randomizer. Camera and film has been discounted, so there is no excuse not to start documenting your romantic journey through pictures. Fresh from gardens on shore, Cut Roses are offered at discounted price - why not send a dozen to that special someone. And who doesn't love a heart-shaped box of chocolates?

The Hotel Navigator has be rearranged to display all the love cruise floors. But don't worry, all guest rooms still exist and can be found in the Habbo Port section.

To guide you on your voyage, a Habborella Group Page will act as our vistor's information center providing a boat-load of information about the Habborella including a map of the ship to help you move about the decks, updated traveler's information and quick access to a guest floor so you can get settled into your newly built cabins.

During this love cruise, we have a full schedule of games with the Crew, competitions, poll and special stops have been planned for you, including a Valentine's Ball with the Crew on February 14th. Browse the detailed calendar below outlining all Habborella activities available to our guests, each offering loads of fun and prizes! Our first activity, Build the Best Love Cabin Room Design competition, will begin later today and all the details will arrive by separate article. Please note that the weekday games will begin on Monday, February 4th.

With all this love in the air, you are bound to find that perfect Habbo mate on the Habborella. Or maybe you're already in a Habbo relationship and are ready to commit to Habbo Matrimony. For those love-birds ready to take the ultimate plunge and who don't mind skipping all the planning, expense and stress of a traditional wedding, we will be offering quickie weddings - Vegas style and in mass quantities too. These Habbo wedding ceremonies will begin daily on Monday, February 4th. Line up at the Wedding Chapel and get ready for the ride of your life as Captain Loderse marries Habbo couples!

Enjoy this adventure and we hope you have a pleasant stay on the Habborella! Happy Valentine's Habbos!

Captain Loderse and the Habborella Crew

Chinese Celebrations Aboard The Habborella

Prince Feng and Princess Shu, fabled son and daughter of the mythological Sky Emperor, have descended aboard the Habborella.

Happy New Year! Today we have been joined by Prince Feng and Princess Shu who have arrived, with their butler and boat-loads of Asian Furni, to find love aboard the Habborella and to celebrate Chinese New Year. Where better to celebrate the arrival of the year of the rat than aboard a cruise ship?

The Sky Emperor has sent his son and daughter to Habbo not only because he wanted me to sign their guestbook... but to look for a possible suitor among our vast community. The Emperor's aim is to find them both a date and have them married! Imagine that. Marrying a member of royalty. Think of the riches! I mean... the big palace! No.. wait a second. Love, compassion and affection. That's what it's all about, but I'll mention the prize just in case you think otherwise.

If you are chosen (details of how to be chosen are below) to wed either Prince Feng or Princess Shu then you stand to inherit a Bubblegum Ice Cream Machine, a Throne, Valentine's Heart Badge and Valentine's Ring Badge. There can be only two main winners but we will also award 50 runners up with a Valentine's Heart Badge.

Furni News

The Sky Emperor has kindly released the Asian Section of your Habbo Catalogue for a few days so take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on one of our coolest and most exclusive ranges of Furni.

Married To The Wealth Competition Results

Winners Poem
.Emo-xo Love and lust,

From console to console, Thy lover’s words do meet

A tranquil peace, Throughout the hallway And then thy lovers greet

Their eyes do meet, A tranquil peace, I believe my love is sweet.

Bamadoo I used to dream of piles of furniture

And all the credits to please me, I used to dream of Habbowood, And oh, how famous I would be.

I used to dream of my one true love, Reading beneath a blossom tree I used to dream of how she would, Comfort and reassure me.

I used to dream of golden dragons, Us dancing in their gleam, I used to dream of riches and treasures, As far as the eye could see.

I used to dream of many things, But the instant I met you, I woke up from my dreaming slumber, Because all of my dreams came true.

Port Of Paradise

The Habborella Cruise Ship has arrived in the Paradise Islands for a week of relaxation, walks along the beach and bears!

The Paradise Islands are a small cluster of desert islands who's exact location is only known by the Captain and Navigator of the Habborella! It's fair to say that these islands are the ultimate place for those seeking romance, adventure, friendship and a little peace and quiet if only because of their remote location. The climate is warm, the beaches purest white and the sea is crystal clear.

The islands are inhabited by a rare bread of bears known locally as the Share Bears. They don't have a TV programme or a cool theme tune (yet!), but we'd like to assure you that they still make awesome company and are very friendly. They are also very comfortable to snuggle up on! You'll find them in the colours of Pink, Green and Brown so do not be alarmed if you see them.

Furni News

The Share Bears make a fantastic and thoughtful gift for that special friend on Habbo. They are know to offer luck and prosperity to those who send and receive them. You will find the Blue, Pink, Green and Brown Share Bears in the Habborella section of your Habbo Catalogue. They won't sit still for long though, so pick one up now for that special Habbo!

Won't you step ashore?

Passengers wishing to explore the Paradise Islands should go to the Foot Bridge Navigator Floor. You will then be free to explore the islands and relax on the beautiful beaches. Those feeling a little more adventurous should check below to see if they can help the island locals.

The "Love Cabin" Room Competition

Are you a furni casanova? You bet your chocolate covered-strawberries you are!

Using the new Valentine's and Habborella furni, build the most luxurious, romantic and sexy Habborella cabin on the ship. Rooms should be located in the Guest Cabins floor.

A very romantic prize package will be awarded to the winning room designer and we will most likely be tossing in a few chocolates and roses for the runner ups!

Grand Prize: The best "Love Cabin" designer will receive a grand piano, a cupid statue, a heart light and the exclusive Love Cruise badge, for the winning room owner.

Love Cabin Number 9

There's a whole lotta love in the Hotel! The winners of the Love Cabin comp are...

With so many Love Cabin submissions, even the toughest critic will have a hard time not turning soft. That was the case here. There were so many lovely submissions that we decided to award 4 designs for large rooms and 4 for small rooms. Plus, we even floated an honorable "stacking" mention to a Habbo with "love" on their mind. ;)

Here is the list o' winners and gaze at their love soaked room designs below:


Collectible Iku Torso

Spooky and mysterious, this sea monster of myth will warm your hearts and chill your spines.

Following the discovery of Leviathan we at Habbo have been in search of similar artifacts from this mysterious first tribe. We asked our many friends to look around and see what they could find.

After endless searching, they presented us with a wonderful item, just what we were looking for- a sculpture of the great sea beast with strong, gripping tentacles guarding a chest which looks to contain freaky purple orbs.

The item was found on an old island a long time ago, the island of Lemuria.

An expedition of the island is planned soon.

Don't miss out on this the most guarded new Collectible - available starting Monday, 2/2!

  • Please note that ALL COLLECTIBLES are ONLY available from the Catalog. Simply go to the Catalog and find it sitting nicely above your normal Furni tab!

The "Engine Room" Competition

Industrial Turbine

Are you ready for a down and dirty Room Competition? Then this is the place and time for you!

Your challenge is to design and build the engine room. We're not talking white-glove clean here, no way! We want you to give us the most greasy, noisy, creaking, rusty and amazing engine room to ever sail the seven seas, housed deep down in the lowest decks of the ship, and used to support the Habborella main Crew-run engines.

You can ONLY register for this competition with one of these participating Official Habbo.com Fansites:

  • HabbCrazy.net
  • HabboDiscussion.com
  • Habbos.net
  • YourHabbo.co.uk

Check the fansite's pages for info on how to register, deadlines, and other rules.

ONE lucky winner will be announced Monday, February 11th, and be given the Industrial Turbine.


The Habborella finds a Port!

The Captain and her crew would like to welcome you to PARADISE ISLAND. It’s quite odd and exciting that we’ve found this mysterious, uncharted island!

Since we’re here and the ship is all tied up, why not head on out and enjoy this tropical paradise? It's fair to say that these islands are the ultimate place for Habbos seeking romance, adventure, friendship and a little peace and quiet if only because of its remote location. The climate is warm, the beaches purest white and the sea is crystal clear. Getting stranded on a deserted island never sounded so good!

If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the local island inhabitants, the Share Bears (no these are not the little bears with symbols on their tummies). We can assure you that they are calm, friendly, and if you look closely in the Catalog you might just find one in there to take home with you! Talk about a souvenir!

So take this weekend to dive into your imagination and experience this wonderful and tropical destination known as Paradise Island!

The "Command Bridge" Room Competition

Take charge!

Ahoy matties! The Habborella has a sweet high tech Command Bridge. Think you can make a better one? Let's see it. Show us the room where you make command decisions and steer your ship. Build your ideal Command Bridge. The grand prize is a super awesome One-way Door for the engineer in you.



Name Description Image
The Cruise Staff We are your cruise ship staff.
The Love Cruise Come aboard the Habborella.
Wedding Ring The old Ball and Chain!
Habborella Ring Badge The One Ring - for Habbos who married on the Habborella in '08, or were matchmade during Valentine's '09.

Official Habborella Rooms