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Release date: September 2010

The Hospital furniture on Habbo was first released on 20th September 2010 and consists of a variety of items ranging from Hospital Seats to Hospital Skeletons.

The furniture ranges in price and has since been released and removed from the catalogue on various occasions; the most recent being at Valentine's to advertise 'Heartbreak Hote l' and suggested you need to go to the Hospital to mend your heart. They are one of the most expensive categorised rare ranges.


Name Image
Hospital X-Ray
Hospital Skeleton
Hospital Seat
Hospital Cabinet Large
Hospital Cabinet
Hospital Curtain
Hospital Bed
Hospital Bag
Hospital Light
Hospital Defibrillator

Room Bundles

In 2015, 2016 and 2019 habbo released 2 room bundles which included the Hospital furniture. The 2019 bundle is a rerelease of the 2016 bundle except this one with an exclusive furni.

Exclusive Item 2019

Name Image Bundle
Big Old Drinks Machine Big Hospital Drama Bundle


Doctor, Doctor give me the news!

Players had to fill in a poll on the Habbo homepage about what kind of "symptoms" they had. Habbo choose 20 habbo's every day in the following week, these habbos won the I.N. Jection Diagnosis Badge and the Dr. McFlirt Diagnosis Badge.

Pimp My Hospital

Habbos had to build their very own unique Habbo Hospital room no matter what size or amount of rooms. 30 habbos could win this competition, the prizes were: a Habbo Doctors Badge and their screenshot of the room(s) would be placed on the official habbo facebook page.


Name Description Image
I.N. Jection Diagnosis A medical mystery in the Habbo Hospital
Dr. McFlirt Diagnosis A medical mystery in the Habbo Hospital
Habbo Doctors Badge Winner of the Pimp My Hospital room comp!

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