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Room Hoppers are furniture items very similar to teleporters. The only difference between the two, is that Room Hoppers aren't bought in sets and will take you to a completely random room. The first three were first released in February 2012 during the Starlight Prom release and the Stable Hopper made an entrance with the Horse Riding furniture. The most recent addition to the Room Hoppers is the "VIP Room Hopper", which was introduced into the Yacht Parties furniture range.


Name Image Motto
Room Hopper Tubes
Jump in to find new friends!
Room Hopper Curtains
It'll take you somewhere wonderful!
Room Hopper Elevator
Love in an elevator...
Stable Hopper
Sends you to a random room within the Stable network!
The Gate of Eternity
Will take you on an unforgettable adventure
HC Room Hopper
Room Hopper. For HCs only.
Costume Hopper
Room hopper. Only Habbos in costume can enter.

Beta / Unreleased Hoppers

There are some unused, presumably beta hoppers and two unreleased hoppers on the game files.

Name Image Info Motto
It's supposed that was a test teleport to try the Room Hoppers. It looks exactly like a Telephone Box. random_teleport desc
Never released, never seen. It's supposed to be a Room Hopper, but there is no info about it's furniture line, price, or anything. teleport_random desc
It's supposed to be released along with teleport_random. It has the same design of the HC Room Hopper, but this one is blue. Maybe it would be sold to common users and the other one would be HC only, but this is just speculation. teleport_random_2 desc


  • The HC Room Hopper is the only untradable hopper in the hotel
  • Since they function as Teleports they are unsellable in the Marketplace
  • They were initially supposed to be a Wall Item, but in the end they were a floor furni.