Vintage Music

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Vintage Music
Release date: April 2014
Available from: Builders Club

Vintage Music was a small furniture range released through the now-defunct Stories feature at the end of April 2014.

“Croon into the Crooner Microphone, blast out those barber shop hits with your Vintage Vinyl Records, take the show on the road with a Rockabilly Guitar Case and the 50's On Air Sign will let them know it's all going live! Check it out in the Habbo Stories section of the shop!”

Since then, these items have been released as gifts in various Gift Calendar runs, and all four were part of the All Night Party offer for New Year 2019/2020. They are also all available to buy in the Neon furni range, having been merged into that category in the catalogue and Builders Club.


Name Image
Crooner Microphone
On Air Sign
Rockabilly Guitar Case
Vintage Vinyl Records