Winter Japanese Onsen

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Winter Japanese Onsen
Release date: 01 November 2022
Available from: MarketPlace
Builders Club

Winter Japanese Onsen known as Hot Spring prior to its inclusion in Builders Club is a range of furniture exclusive to the Hot Spring Bundle, originally released during the Japanese Onsen campaign in November 2022.


Name Image Name Image
Jp_c22_tanuki name Jp_c22_tatami2 name
Onsen Divider Corner Onsen Divider
Onsen Gate Onsen Inn Curtain
Onsen Inn Floor Onsen Inn Seat
Onsen Inn Wall Onsen Misty Mountains
Onsen Maple Leaves Onsen Natural Rocks
Onsen Stray Cat Onsen Wash Buckets
Onsen Water Onsen Waterfall
Onsen Torii