Easter (Furniture Line)

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Release date: March 2000
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)

The Easter furniture range has been available since the beginning of Habbo but only has ever included 5 different items. The range has been reformed and some items have added to it but they were for very different occasions. Easter 2009 and Bunny Run saw a different take on the typical Easter celebrations.

However, the Squidgy Bunny specifically hasn't just been released for the Easter season as it has transformed into a mysterious Bunny for another promotion. It was also available in the Catalogue near Christmas due to it being a perfect gift for friends and a loved one.

The Easter 2009 range of furniture was brought out near the Easter season with new furniture expanding the range. This came with many promotions but the main one was the fact that Habbo were attempting to put the message out that being environmentally friendly was the way forward.

Notably, the United Kingdom hotel did a promotion whereby the new Tree items in this range were gifts and were known as Tree Stool 1, 2 or 3. After the Merge only Tree Stool 2 kept this name and the Linden and Beech Stools kept their names from the other hotels.

The furniture from the 2009 range is now included in the Country section of the Catalogue.


Name Image Motto
Squidgy Bunny Yours to cuddle up to
Pop-Up Chicken Count your eggs before they hatch!
Basket Of Eggs Perfect for your Easter Egg hunts!
Wannabe Duck Follow the white rabbit...

2009 Additions


Name Image Motto
Grass Patch Feel the softness between your toes.
Beech Stool Take seat and breathe in the fresh air!
Tree Stool 2 A Gift given on day 3 of Easter 2009 campaign.
Linden Stool Take seat and breathe in the fresh air!
Bush Divider Foliage for your room.
Bush Gate Divider Foliage for your room.
Friendship Tree Four beautiful seasons in one tree!


  • The Grass Patch is a lighter recolor of the in 2007 released Unholy Ground.